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Go to YouTube.com and search for “College Student Informative Speech” or “College Student Persuasive Speech”. The presentation should include a speaker/presenter (that you can see and hear) delivering a message. You cannot choose a professional presentation such as TEDx or TEDTalk.  Here are a few of the categories your instructor will use for evaluating your speech this week. See if you can use these categories to assess the speech you find online. You are not required to provide feedback in all of these areas for the speech you select for this discussion board. It is helpful and useful for you to see these categories and it’s a great starting point for constructive feedback for the presenter you’re evaluating from YouTube. Delivery Dressed appropriately for a formal presentation Eye Contact Gestures/Nonverbal Volume Rate/Speed Tone – Conversational Tone/Energy/Enthusiasm for topic Knew topic well/freedom from notes Visual Aid Content Started with an attention getter Introduced topic and previewed the key ideas Key ideas were well organized/used transition statements between key ideas Wording of Presentation Conclusion – Summarize Key Ideas Cited two sources within the presentation Background Elements In your original post, post the link to the speech and respond to each of the following in complete sentences with supporting information: What type of speech is this (informative or persuasive)? What’s the main difference between an informative and persuasive speech? Using some of the evaluation areas listed above, provide at least 3 pieces of constructive feedback for the presenter.

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