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1. Explain the strength and weaknesses of NPV, payback, IRR, and profitability index. (Ch 16(10), 10 points) 2. Explain two reasons why NPV profiles cross. (Ch 16(10), 10 points) 3. Define additional funds needed (AFN) and explain how to calculate it. (Ch 17(12), 10 points) 4. Describe the capital structure, business risk, and financial risk and explain how they are different. (Ch 18(15), 10 points) 5. UWA co. has a fixed operating cost of $30,000 and a variable cost of $7 per unit. Calculate the break-even quantity when it sells its product for $15 per unit. You must show your equation and the final answer for full credits. (Ch 18(15), 10 points)

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