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True or False questios One of the benefits of planning is that it… True or False questiosOne of the benefits of planning is that it can create too much pressure which is a good source of competition for employees.Planning positively affects an organisation’s performance because the goals and plans serve as a source of motivation and commitment to employees.Anticipating and managing uncertainty and turbulence in the environment is a crucial part of planning.An organisation pursuing export strategy is domestically focused and exports a few domestically produced products to selected countries.A blueprint specifying the resource allocation schedules and other actions necessary for attaining goals is termed a ‘strategic documentA diversification strategy can reduce rivalry with competitors and fight off the threat of substitute products because customers are loyal to the company’s brand.Fill in the blanksTelstra aims to find competitive edge in the Australian telecommunication industry, therefore according to Michael Porter, it can pursue the following strategies except:a) focusb) cost leadershipc) differentationd) diversification Business Management Human Resource Management MKTG MGT 100

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Top answer: True or False questios One of the benefits of planning is that it…
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