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To prepare for this discussion, read the assigned textbook chapters… To prepare for this discussion, read the assigned textbook chapters and listen to the Leadership in a (permanent) crisis (Links to an external site.) podcast by Harvard Business Idea Case (click here for a written transcript of the podcast) (Links to an external site.). Complete the “Leader’s Self-Insight 9.2. Listening and Asking Questions” activity in the textbook. Reflect on what the results suggest about you as a leader and what observations others might make of you that are in your blind spot. You are not required to share your specific results when discussing this activity, but are welcome to, if you are comfortable doing so. this discussion, your post should minimally include the following:Begin by briefly describing a scenario resulting in a crisis impacting a workplace environment. Here are some examples:A natural disaster (e.g., earthquake, flood, hurricane, tornado, wild fires)Employee suicide or murderA shooter or robbery on site in the offices/facilitiesCompany/organization suffers major decline in revenue and lays off half the workforceToxic spill on site endangers the health and safety of employeesA viral pandemicEmployee and customer/client files with personal data are hacked (names, social security numbers, addresses, birthdates, names of beneficiaries) exposing them to the risk of identity theft.Poor maintenance of equipment or facilities endangers the health and safety of employeesLeadership found to be engaging in unethical and/or illegal behaviorsDiscuss how you as a leader would handle the crisis in terms of communication. Include a brief script demonstrating the words you would use to acknowledge people’s concerns and fears, provide accurate and up-to-date information, and help people see a better tomorrow.Identify which communication channel(s) you would choose to communicate with your employees and explain your rationale. Be sure to differentiate when you would utilize electronic communication and when you would not.Describe what is meant by “adaptive leadership,” and give examples of how you would employ adaptive leadership actions.Explain how you would apply the six elements that facilitate strategic conversations to help your organization manage in response to the crisis you selected.Address what personal actions you would take to ensure you are able to remain calm and focused. Science Health Science ABS 415

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Top answer: To prepare for this discussion, read the assigned textbook chapters…
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