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The watershed for a drainage area is 260 ha. The width of the… The watershed for a drainage area is 260 ha. The width of the watershed is 1.5 km. The drainage ditch is 15 m wide and 6 m high. The ditch crosses a roadway with two identical rectangular culverts (2 m x 1.5 m high) (PVC- n = 0.010) both culverts have a slope of 0.9% Because of spring runoff, the current level in the ditch is at 2.0 m and there is no more snow to melt. The larger culvert is currently accommodating the base flow. However, a significant rain event of 15 mm/hr for 9 hours is occurring.What is the length of the catchment area or watershed?A. 1733 mB. 1387 mC. 1500 mD. Cannot calculate with the information provided.61. What is the velocity of water flowing through each culvert?A. 3.5 m/sB. 5.4 m/sC. 10.8 m/sD. 15 m/s62. What is the total flow under the roadway?A. 16.2 m3/sB. 8.1 m3/sC. 13.2 m3/sD. 32.4 m3/s63. How much is the rainfall contributing to the total flow?A. 10.8 m3/sB. 15.4 m3/sC. 8 m3/sD. None of the above64. What is the volume of rain over the 9-hour period?A. 250,000 m3B. 350,000 m3C. 450,000 m3D. None of the above65. Assuming all the rainwater will accumulate in the ditch as the culverts are only able to handle the base flow, how high will the level rise.A. 8.5 mB. 11.5 mC. 13.5 mD. 15.5 m66. Obviously, the water will overflow the roadway. If a third circular culvert was added to help with high flow periods and this culvert accommodate an additional 8.5 m3/s flow. How long will it take to overflow the roadway?A. 12.6 hoursB. 13.6 hoursC. 14.6 hoursD. 15.6 hours67. If the area of the new culvert was 1.9 m2, what is the velocity?A. 2.8 m/sB. 3.7 m/sC. 4.5 m/sD. 5.2 m/s68. Assuming the new culvert has a slope of 0.85% and is of an unknown material of construction. What would be the n value for this culvert?A. 0.018B. 0.011C. 0.009D. 0.02469. What would not be a logical assumption to make in this calculationA. The ground is frozen so all precipitation goes into the ditch (no infiltration into the ground)B. All the flow and previous snow melt occurred at a uniform rateC. The culverts are clean of debris or obstructionsD. None of the above Engineering & Technology Mechanical Engineering Fluid Dynamics CT 3011

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Top answer: The watershed for a drainage area is 260 ha. The width of the…
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