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Stakeholder Analysis: As an evaluator, consider individuals who…  Stakeholder Analysis:As an evaluator, consider individuals who would be best positioned to use the results of the program evaluation you are planning to conduct, those who will be impacted by programmatic changes due to the results of your evaluation, and those would be interested to know the results of your evaluation. With these stakeholders in mind, respond to the questions below in narrative format.Begin with a paragraph introducing the stakeholders and describing their roles with respect to the program. Then include a refined version of the stakeholder analysis table we worked on in class (slide 15 of Module 6), including levels and interests (overt and covert). The table is also provided in the worksheet.  Identify the intended primary users of your evaluation and those with personal factor. Stakeholder Engagement – First Meeting:Next, describe in narrative form how you might conduct a first meeting or meetings with the primary intended users of your evaluation. Respond to the following questions:Describe which stakeholders you will have at the first meeting and why.Will you have all stakeholders at the same meeting or conduct separate meetings? If separate, what grouping will you use and why?How will you prepare for the meeting?What documents will you review? How will you obtain them?What research will you conduct?What information, if any, will you present?List some question(s) you might ask your stakeholders to better understand the program…Structure and scopeUnderlying assumptions (i.e., theory of change)OtherWhat question(s) will you ask your stakeholders to better understand the evaluation?Purpose and questions?Needs and intended uses?Additional stakeholders to include in ongoing communications?What do you anticipate the client will ask of you? Why?How would you respond to these questions?How might you front load this information to set the client at ease?  Science Health Science HEA 463

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Top answer: Stakeholder Analysis: As an evaluator, consider individuals who…
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