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Read the case study and answer questions that follow. Case Study:… Read the case study and answer questions  that follow.Case Study:Zac recently issued his team with new PPE and trained them how to use it, but some staff are not using it correctly or not using it at all. Zac has called an action meeting to address the issue. He reminds staff that they were all trained how to use the new PPE, and that incorrect use puts them at risk. He asks, do they need more training or is there a problem with the PPE? Someone says it’s uncomfortable. A few others agree. Hamza says, ‘The jackets are much heavier than the old ones. It’s been quite hot lately and it’s hard to do job when you’re sweating.’ ‘Well, that explains why you smell so bad,’ Mike laughs. ‘And we thought it was because of all the curry you eat.’ Some of the team laugh and Hamza looks uncomfortable. ‘That’s enough!’ Zac says firmly. He tells Mike his comment was not appropriate and not helpful.’ Zac looks around at his team. ‘So, I’ve heard that the new PPE is uncomfortable and hot. Are there any other reasons for not wearing it? Farel, we haven’t heard from you.’ ‘There’s nothing wrong with my old PPE,’ Farel starts to explain but Mike starts talking over him. Zac says, ‘Wait a minute Mike, we’d all like to hear what Farel has to say. Please continue Farel.’ Farel explains. ‘I was keeping the new PPE until my old PPE needs replacing.’ Zac takes a moment to consider what Farel has said. ‘I know it might seem wasteful to get rid of what seems like perfectly good PPE, but the new PPE offers better protection and is required to meet the workplace standards. Do you understand?’ Farel smiles and nods. ‘Right,’ Zac says. ‘Unless there’s anything else, I expect to see you all using your PPE correctly from now on. You have all declared that you received training and will wear the PPE, so that is a requirement of your job. Is that understood?’ Everyone nods in response. How did Zac demonstrate the following methods and techniques in the scenario?Active listening   Questioning   Feedback   2. In Farel’s culture, it is wasteful to discard clothing that is still able to be worn. Explain what communication challenge that presented in this scenario and how Zac resolved it.      3. Explain how Zac dealt with the following communication challenges. Conflicts between team members  Potential risks or safety hazards  Unethical or inappropriate comments.     Business Management LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT BSBXCM501

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Top answer: Read the case study and answer questions that follow. Case Study:…
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