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QUESTIONS HR Strategy – determine the HR approach based on the… QUESTIONS HR Strategy – determine the HR approach based on the corporate strategyHR Forecasting – what type of employee will they need in the future?An Environmental Scan – supply and demand – base this on current conditionsA strategy to meet the HR needs within the organization – this can include policies and programs as well as recruitment initiativesCase Scenario:You have been hired by a local manufacturing plant to head their human resources department. This company started as a family owned business and slowly grew from only having a small staff of 4 to close to 125 employees.  However, the company has not formally stated it’s vision or mission statements.  Consequently, the organization has suffered many losses as a result of poor decision making.  The plant manufactures wired headphones and they have noticed a decrease in the demand which could be the result of changing technology.  As the new Director of Human Resources what steps do you need to take in order to ensure the longevity of the organization? Business Management Human Resource Management MGMT 9730

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Top answer: QUESTIONS HR Strategy – determine the HR approach based on the…
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