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Question 1 Following are five maps: one is correct, and the four… Question 1 Image transcription text.500 .600 .600 .600 BM675 .600 .500 X 300 . 600 .500 . 550.400 .300 .500 .500 300 .450 -400 .300 100 200 . 100 .350 .300 .200 100 . 200 100 250 .200 Ocean 100… Show moreFollowing are five maps: one is correct, and the four others each have a mistake. Match each map with its mistake, and indicate the correct map. (NOTE: Some of the indicated mistakes below are indeed mistakes, while others are not actually mistakes and are allowed to occur on topographic maps.)Question 1 options: Image transcription text… Show more… Show more Image transcription text… Show more… Show more  Image transcription text… Show more… Show more Image transcription text… Show more… Show more 1.Topo lines should not cross a stream straight on, but should instead form a “V” in the upstream direction2.Topo lines should not terminate (have a floating end point) within the map area3.Topo lines should not form closed circles or ovals4.Topo lines should not connect points of different elevations5.Topo lines should not run all the way to the map’s edge6.Topo lines should not cross7.This map is CORRECT Question 2 Topo lines that cross streams should make a “V” shape, with the point of the V pointing in the upstream direction. What process causes this?Question 2 options:AErosion by streams cuts into the land surfaceBFlowing water naturally finds areas of higher elevationCSediment deposition leaves V-shaped deposits on stream banks Question 3  Why should topo lines not cross?Question 3 options:ACrossing topo lines would indicate one point has two different elevationsBCrossing topo lines would indicate very steep slopesCCrossing topo lines results in total protonic reversal Question 4The following is a mock topo map:Image transcription textOcean… Show moreWhat do the hachure lines (the short tick marks on some topo lines) represent?Question 4 options:AClosed depressions, sloping down in the direction of the hachure linesBAreas of especially steep slopesCMountain or hill peaks, sloping up in the direction of the hachure linesDFlat-lying areas Question 5 Consider the same map: Image transcription textOcean… Show moreIf the topo lines have a 10 foot contour interval i.e. each topo line is separated by 10′ in elevation), what is the elevation of the highest contour line (i.e. topo line) on this map? Your Answer:Question 5 options: Answer:  Question 6  And what is the highest elevation of any point on the topo map, not just on the topo lines?Question 6 options:AExactly 80 feetBAbove 80 but below 90 feetCExactly 90 feetDAbove 90 but below 100 feetEExactly 100 feetFAny other answer Question 16Image transcription text6600 . . 6200 4B 6400 .X 6200 MercedRiver AO North 1000 feet… Show moreWhat is the contour interval of this map?Question 16 options:A5 feetB50 feetC10 feetD40 feetE20 feet Question 17  How long is the scale bar on this map in feet?Question 17 options:A500 feetB200 feetC1000 feetD100 feetE6600 feet Question 18  What is the real-world horizontal distance in feet from point A to point B?Remember, to answer this question, you need to measure the A-B distance with a ruler AND the length of a scale bar with a ruler. Then, you can use the formula (measured A-B distance) X (length of scale bar as labeled in feet) ÷ (length of scale bar as measured with a ruler) to get the real-world distance from A to B.Your Answer:Question 18 options: Answer: Question 19  What is the elevation difference between A and B? Use the topo lines.Your Answer:Question 19 options: Answer: Question 20 What is the average gradient, or slope, from A to B? Use your answers from the previous two questions. Give your answer to three decimal places.Your Answer:Question 20 options: Answer: Question 21 What does point B represent?Question 21 options:ASaddle pointBPeakCValleyDEnclosed depressionEHillslope Question 22Which statement is TRUE regarding the space between topo lines and slope?Question 22 options:ASlope is steeper where topo lines are spaced close together.BSlope is steeper where topo lines are spaced far apart.CSlope is steeper where topo lines form closed circles.DSlope is unconnected to the spacing of topo lines. Question 23  Which section is the steepest section, from A to B?Question 23 options:AA to YBY to XCX to B Question 24 Image transcription text800- 800 700 800 A A 2000 ftContour interval 20 ft A A 800 800750 750 700 700 profile b… Show more… Show moreTry creating the profilE. Then, select which one of these is the CORRECT profile:Question 24 options:              ABCD  Earth Science Science Geology GEOL 1040

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Top answer: Question 1 Following are five maps: one is correct, and the four…
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