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please repharse below paragraph. There were too many sentences that… please repharse below paragraph. There were too many sentences that were found on other web. I need to rephrase as my own words. Thank you! Terrorists are indeed driven by such contradictory strategic objectives. Al-Qaeda and its affiliates, for example, highlight in public that coercing government concessions is a strategic goal. According to Al-Qaeda, the US should withdraw militarily from the Muslim world and cut ties with unbelievers. In private, Al-Qaeda members have stressed these foreign policy goals. For example, in October 2001, Scotland Yard seized a cache of Osama bin Laden’s correspondence. The letters’ objectives repeat the forceful goals of expelling the US military from the Muslim world and stopping the US from meddling in Muslim politics. Al-Qaeda would surely win if Washington gave in to such political demands. But al-Qaeda has a long history of provoking the opposite government response. The fundamental purpose of 9/11, according to al Qaeda military head Sayf al Adl, was to provoke American military actions in the Muslim world. The “anticipated response” in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other Muslim nations was part of President George W. Bush’s policy, al Adl claims. “What we wished for truly happened,” he said in May 2005. According to bin Laden, the objective of 9/11 was to “provoke and bait this administration”. Ayman al-Zawahri recently lauded operatives for “provoking” the US into costly counterterrorism responses at home and overseas. Al-public Qaeda’s declarations match its private ones. At least one journalist recovered Zawahiri’s computer in the autumn of 2001, which had correspondence to bin Laden, Khalid Sheikh Muhammad, and other 9/11 planners. These letters show that al-leadership Qaeda was unconcerned about inciting a US invasion of Afghanistan. They hoped the US would retaliate in kind and then get bogged down. Arts & Humanities English Literature INTA 6103

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Top answer: please repharse below paragraph. There were too many sentences that…
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