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please answer all the questions correctly 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8)… please answer all the questions correctly 1)Image transcription textA national park is discovered to be ahabitat for an endangered species offrog. Which of the followi… Show more… Show more2)Image transcription textWhich of the following greenhousegases has the lowest impact on globalclimate change? O Carbo… Show more… Show more 3)Image transcription textClimate changes are causing seals togather on smaller secb’ons of the coastto breed. The density of s… Show more… Show more 4)Image transcription textWhich of the following is a principalgreenhouse gas? O Ferrous oxide ONitrous oxide O Sulfur di… Show more… Show more 5)Image transcription textAforest has just been clear-cut tomake room for a subdivision and hasincreased carbon in the a… Show more… Show more 6)Image transcription textIncrease of greenhouse gases iswarming the oceans and melting seaice at the poles. Cities at t… Show more… Show more 7)Image transcription textWhich location would best be describedas a biodiversity mtspdi? O A once veryspecies ?ch coral reef that… Show more… Show more 8)Image transcription textThe stratospheric layer is destroyed by O CFCS O VOCS ONOX O CO2… Show more 9)Image transcription textWhich of the following is a result of oceanwarming? O Coral bleaching O Healthierfish O Oxygen levels rising O S… Show more… Show more 10)Image transcription textScientific research shows that ourglobal climate is changing as a result ofan increase in greenhouse… Show more… Show more 11)Image transcription textOceans are affected by acidification.Which of the following describes howatmospheric concentratio… Show more… Show more 12)Image transcription textThe Montreal Protocol limits production of Ochlorofluorocarbons O hydrocarbons O ozone O sulfurdioxide… Show more 13)Image transcription textWhich of the following is not an impactfrom changes in climate? O Changes inthe circulation of wind pat… Show more… Show more 14)Image transcription textA political action group that wants tooverturn the Montreal Protocolmonitors stratospheric oz… Show more… Show more 15)Image transcription textWhich of the following describes theimpact on human health from globalclimate change? Excess g… Show more… Show more 16)Image transcription textConsidering that the precession ofEarth’s rotation changes over a26,000-year period, which… Show more… Show more 17)Image transcription textSome people think that boaters shouldbe required to thoroughly clean theirboat hulls before bringing … Show more… Show more 18)Image transcription textClearing a forest to create a region forgrazing cattle is an example of whattype of threat to biodivers… Show more… Show more  Science Earth Science PHY MISC

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Top answer: please answer all the questions correctly 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8)…
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