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picture of sample problem included. It is about 2555.5 miles to fly… picture of sample problem included.    It is about 2555.5 miles to fly from LA (LAX) to Honolulu (HNL). According to the MoraLab calculator, this produces carbon equivalent to 1.1 tons of C02 per passenger. Between Denver (DEN) and Chicago (ORD) is a 887.1 mile flight, with 0.4 tons of C02 produced. (a)  Find the carbon emitted per mile of flight for each path. Report your answer in scientific notation, using carbon tons per mile. (b)  Find the relative difference between your answers. Report as a percent. Use LAX to HNL as the reference value. Report as a percent. (c)  Is this a small enough difference so that you could use either rate to compute the total carbon over similar types of flights? (d) Use the tons per mile from the DEN estimate in question 1(a), to get an equation representing the total carbon emissions in tons ( using variable C ) as a function of the distance traveled (using variable d). Image transcription textUNIVERSITY of HAWAI’I MANO MATH 100 Sample Problem: According to the EPA, the average Americandrives about 11,500 miles per year. Assuming the average car gets 22 miles per gallon and emits 8,887 gramsof CO2 per gallon. How many grams of carbon does an average American produced driving their … Show more… Show more  Math MATH 100

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Top answer: picture of sample problem included. It is about 2555.5 miles to fly…
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