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Part I: 2018 Pro-forma financial statements Using the… Image transcription textCOMFY HOME COMPANY BalanceSheet As of December 31, 2016 CurrentAssets: Current Liabilities:… Show more… Show more Part I: 2018 Pro-forma financial statements Using the aforementioned information, calculate the forecasted:Total revenueMarketing ExpensesDepriciation ExpenseInterest expenseCost of goods soldInsurance ExpenseFurniture and fixturesInventoriesCurrent portion of bank loanbank loan (long term portion only)Contributed capitalaccount receivabledeferred revenuecash Part II: The operating leaseImage transcription textOn January 1, 2021, Comfy Homeenters into a 3-year operating lease forthe building that houses o… Show more… Show morePart III: Projected ValuationImage transcription textComfy Home’s cost of capital is 111%Ignore the effects of taxes. Project AComfy Home will purchase a… Show more… Show more Part IV: Free Cash Flow Using the financial statements provided below, please calculate the organization’s Free Cash Flow in 2018.Please note that the company’s tax rate is 25% and anticipated capital expenditures for 2018 are $25,000.Round your answer to the nearest whole dollar.  Image transcription textBALANCE SHEET INCOMESTATEMENT Current Assets: 20172018 2018 Cash S 143,00… Show more… Show more  Accounting Business Financial Accounting ACC 110

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Top answer: Part I: 2018 Pro-forma financial statements Using the…
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