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Part B – Thinking and Reasoning Consider the following scenario The… Part B – Thinking and Reasoning Consider the following scenario The following notice is posted in the waiting area of a train station in Sydney: ‘STRICTLY NO SMOKING INCLUDING E-CIGARETTES.’ It is a warm, sunny day. You are sitting in a bus stop just outside the train station. Once in a while, you look at the no smoking sign, which is still visible from where you are sitting; at other times, you observe the behaviour of people walking in and around the train station area. You begin to wonder to which of these things and activities the notice would apply. Classify the following items into one of three possible categories:  A. The notice definitely applies to the item. B. You are uncertain about whether the notice applies to the item. C. The notice definitely does not apply to the item. 1. A young man is standing on one of the train platforms smoking a cigarette. He is the only person at the moment on the entire platform. 2. A woman, who is smoking a cigarette, stops right in front of your bus stop and talks on her phone for a few minutes, all the while continuing to smoke. 3. An older gentleman enters the train station and lights a smoking pipe and smokes just outside the turnstiles (Opal card tapping area). 4. A middle-aged man is sitting on a bench on the opposite platform, with an unlit cigarette dangling from his mouth. 5. 2 taxi drivers standing by on the taxi rank, while waiting for passengers, have set up a hookah or shisha and are starting to smoke Business Management Business Law

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Top answer: Part B – Thinking and Reasoning Consider the following scenario The…
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