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Objective: Currency Converter. You are going to design an app in… Objective: Currency Converter. You are going to design an app in Android Studio that converts between USD to YEN, CAD and EUR currencies. The app will use two activities. The first will choose a currency, the other will perform the calculation.Details: As of writing the solution the exchange rate for 1 USD was the following: 109.94 YEN, 1.26 CAD and 0.85 EUR. Use these fixed values in your calculations.Main Activity: will contain a radio group and a set of radio buttons to pick which currency you are going to exchange. The Radio Group box functions as a container such that all radio buttons within it are controlled so that only one can be selected at a time. The getCheckedRadioButtonId() function will return the ID of the radio button currently selected. As with finding other GUI components you can use findViewById() then type cast it from the View class to the exact class you expect it to be. When the user presses the NEXT button you will load the other activity and use the Intent to pass a string about which radio button is selected.Second Activity: will take an input into a edit text for USD and output the currency results into a second edit text. The user may also enter text into the conversion text box to see the result in USD. If you find it difficult to create a listener for text changes, then feel free to use buttons (two buttons then, one for USD to the other currency and one from the other currency to USD). There should also be a “Return” button that finishes this activity and returns the main one.The equation from USD to the other currency will be input * exchangeRate, the equation from the other currency to USD would be input / exchangeRate. Do not worry about error checking the input nor formatting the output string. The goal is to get a feel for developing an app (one with real usability). Note: Feel free to have fun with the GUI design. You do not have to look like my screenshots and if you want to add more details or options feel free. ScreenshotsNote: You may used edit text listeners or buttons in your code. I chose the buttons method as it is simpler.                                              Computer Science Engineering & Technology Java Programming COP 2805

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Top answer: Objective: Currency Converter. You are going to design an app in…
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