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Natalia Casado, general manager of a resort in Palo Alto,… Natalia Casado, general manager of a resort in Palo Alto, California, was asked by her corporate office supervisor to lower energy costs during the coming winter. Natalia decided to put in effect all the energy-conservation techniques learned in her hospitality property management class. She began by finding out how many BTUs per hour could be saved by upgrading the glass windows in the resort’s dining room. She decided to apply the formula recommended by her professor to determine insulation results: where T1/4A U ðT2?T1Þ T 1/4 BTUs lost per hour A 1/4 Area of heat transfer U 1/4 Heat transmission coefficient T2 1/4 Temperature inside (warmer) T1 1/4 Temperature outside (colder) Natalia considered changing the four single-pane, 10 with a heat transmission coefficient of 1.13 with insulating double-pane glass having a 0.65 coefficient. As a base to go from, she decided to limit her calculations to the month of March. She learned from the local weather bureau that the maximum temperature in Palo Alto for the month of March was 65 and the minimum was 43. For her calculation, she assigned an average daily temperature of 52 F. Assignment 1. How many BTUs per hour would be saved for the month by changing the windows to the new specifications while maintaining the inside temperature at 69 degrees?  Math Algebra MATH- 067

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Top answer: Natalia Casado, general manager of a resort in Palo Alto,…
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