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Inquiry ( ______ /20 Marks) 1. A sample of benzene (C6H6) is burned… Inquiry ( ______ /20 Marks)1. A sample of benzene (C6H6) is burned in an insulated calorimeter to produce carbon dioxide and liquid water.Experimental DesignA sample of liquid benzene (C6H6) is burned such that the heat from the burning is transferred into an aluminum calorimeter and its water contents.EvidenceTable 1 Observations on the Combustion of Acetone QuantityMeasurementMass of water100.0 gSpecific heat capacity of aluminum0.91J/(g.oC)Mass of aluminum can50.0 gInitial temperature of calorimeter20.0 CFinal temperature of calorimeter22.0 CMass of benzene Burned0.02 gAnalysisa. Calculate the molar enthalpy of combustion of benzene, using the experimental evidence?Predictionb.Use tabulated standard enthalpies of formation to calculate a theoretical value for the molar enthalpy of combustion of benzene.? c. If heat is lost to the surroundings instead of being transferred only into the aluminum can and water, will the experimental molar enthalpy be higher or lower? Explain. 2 Marksd. Calculate the percentage error by comparing the predicted and experimental values. 2 Science Chemistry CHEM SCH3U1

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Top answer: Inquiry ( ______ /20 Marks) 1. A sample of benzene (C6H6) is burned…
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