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In this task, you will perform a static design for an AmaZion… In this task, you will perform a static design for an AmaZion Warehouse Manager system.Here are the specification and the requirements:SpecificationsThe Amazion Warehouse Manager is an inventory management system for a warehouse atAmazion.com, a fairly popular online shopping system. The warehouse has two input lanes:mail trucks and supplier trucks. Mail trucks bring returns to the warehouse. Returns have to gothrough a manual inspection before they are accepted. If they are accepted, they are entered inthe warehouse as refurbished products and labeled with a specific barcode. A refund grantrequest is then sent to the main Amazion financial system. If they are rejected, they are shippedback to the customer. Supplier trucks provide new merchandise. The merchandise is already classified with a unique barcode, and once it enters the warehouse, it has to be stored according to the main storage plans. There are forwarding robots that can pick up a pallet of merchandise, scan all barcodes, and navigate the entire warehouse. The inventory management system only needs to receive all barcodes, update the inventory, and instruct the robots to deposit the merchandise in the sections of the warehouse corresponding to the inventory storage map. For the purpose of this exercise, the inventory storage map is static, i.e., every item has a specific storage point.  The warehouse has only one output lane: the mail trucks. When the Amazion ordering system notifies the warehouse, all the inventory management system has to do is to check that any of the requested items are present. For all the items that are in the inventory, the inventory management system adds the item and its location in the warehouse to a shipping list that contains the address of the customer as supplied by the ordering system. Then, the inventory management system removes the items from the inventory and provides the list of items to a shipping robot, which retrieves the physical items in the warehouse, packages them together in a suitable box, labels the box with a shipping label including the customer’s address, and sends it to the mail truck loading dock. The inventory management systems then sends the shipping list to the Amazion financial system, which invoices the customer for all the items that have shipped.  Requirements ? Assumptions must be explicitly recorded in a separate document. The assumptions document must be included. ? Use cases descriptions must be included ? A use case diagram must be included. ? Message sequence descriptions for each use case must be included. ? Communication diagrams or sequence diagrams for each use case must be included. ? All diagrams must conform to the UML 2.0 standard.  Computer Science Engineering & Technology Java Programming ENSE 370

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Top answer: In this task, you will perform a static design for an AmaZion…
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