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In the Inside Texas Politics Intervlew (4/18/2021) of Dade Phelan… In the Inside Texas Politics Intervlew (4/18/2021) of Dade Phelan (R-Beaumont), the Speaker of the Texas House, Phelan Is asked why It is a good Idea to Ilmit voting rules by eliminating mega-voting sites and mobile voting, which were some of thevoting innovations that were employed in Harris County in 2020. What was Phelan’s response?A.) Phelan said that the voting rules committee has representation from all 254 counties, including Harris County, and that the voting innovations employed in Harris County in 2020 will certainly be considered in the House billB.) Phelan said that voting rules need to be uniform across all counties, that Harris County can’t create election law just for Harris County, that only the Texas Legislature can create election lawC.) Phelan said that some of the voting innovations that Harris County employed in 2020 are good ideas, such as mobile voting (voting in your car), and that the House bill will be amended to include theseD.) Phelan said that Lina Hidalgo displayed her inexperience as a political leader in 2020 and that she has left herself vulnerable to being defeated for Harris County Judge in 2022 Political Science Social Science Government GOVT 2326

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Top answer: In the Inside Texas Politics Intervlew (4/18/2021) of Dade Phelan…
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