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import java.time.LocalDate; /* Representation of a type of Event… Image transcription textgggntgxt You are now In charge of creating awell-designed, well-documented software forEventBrite, the event management and t… Show more… Show moreImage transcription texto The total number of tickets available for a festival isequivalent to the number of tickets of the Event with theleast number of tickets. For example, Bob sh… Show more… Show moreImage transcription textT. Complete and update the methods inEventlv’lanagement allowing Bob toperform managing of the … Show more… Show moreimport java.time.LocalDate;/*Representation of a type of Event that can exist*/public interface Event { public String getName(); public Location getLocation(); public LocalDate getDate(); public double getPrice(); public int getNumTickets();}import java.util.ArrayList;import java.util.Collections;import java.util.List;/*Controller to manage events hosted on EventBrite. */public class EventManagement { private List aHostedEvents = new ArrayList(); /* Method to host a new concert event */ public void addConcertEvent(){ } /* Method to host a new Gala event */ public void addGalaEvent(){ } /* Method to host a new Screening event */ public void addScreeningEvent(){ } /* Method to host a new Workshop event */ public void addWorkshopEvent(){ } /* Return the list of hosted events on EventBrite. This method assumes that Events are immutable. */ public ArrayList getHostedEvents(){ return new ArrayList(aHostedEvents); }}/*Fixed event locations */public enum Location { BellCentre, OlympicStadium, ParcJeanDrapeau, PlaceDesArts, Multiple;} Please follow the directions in the overview provided above and edit the starter code.  Computer Science Engineering & Technology Java Programming COMP 303

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Top answer: import java.time.LocalDate; /* Representation of a type of Event…
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