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Hi, this is a task, please may I have detailed written down… Hi, this is a task, please may I have detailed written down conversations and also possible cases and scenarios to do when undertaking this, this is under the assumtption say the interviewee dont want to get interviewed, can you give detailed explanations about how should I overcome these problems, thanks!  Communication AssessmentThe TaskFor our socio-economic and financial census of the UK’s seafood processing sector, your role will be to telephone or videocall all relevant business owners/employees. Many stakeholders are happy to help but some are less willing to engage. The following is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your ability to deal with more challenging conversations. You will need to be clear about who you are, what information is required and be able to politely persuade them to participate in the census. The Set-UpIntroduce yourself and say you are from x organization. Mention that you are collecting data for our biannual processing census, x organisation’s remit is to support the sector, and that the confidential conversation should last around 10 minutes.Vital Information  – The processing census is conducted every 2 years.- This information will allow x organisation  to build a fuller picture of the UK processing industry and that aggregated data will become evidence for policy and decision making.- The questionnaire should take approx 10 minutes to complete.- There is no obligation to take part in the census.- The data gathered will be put into aggregate form to produce information on the relative financial performance of the whole processing sector.- All data is treated as private and confidential. No individuals are identified in any of our outputs, under any circumstance. X organisation  will only ever release averages and other aggregated figures.- The higher the participation rate, the more robust the results will be.The Business OwnerYou are attempting to contact John , processor owner of Best Shellfish based in Arbroath. This is single-site processor which processes shellfish. This segment has been under-represented in previous surveys, therefore we are keen to have John Peter participate in this year’s census.  Arts & Humanities English ENG 240

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Top answer: Hi, this is a task, please may I have detailed written down…
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