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here is the distter file: Image transcription text1 Tasks . Download the distter RFC andread it carefully. . Write a Java programthat can: 1. Act as a TCP cl… Show more… Show more here is the distter file: Image transcription textAbstract Distter is a peer-to-peer distributed social network where nodesstore and exchange posts. Every node can store any number of posts.There is no need for a centralised solver. As long as at least o… Show more… Show more Image transcription textthe body follow. Any other headers MAY appear. 3.1. Example Post This isan example of a correctly formatted post: Post-id: SKA-256bd4fd422f16f44ec6262e79f12c6269afab4ccdd4Bcd9ce0a7… Show more… Show moreImage transcription text4.3. POSTS? This asks a peer for a list of posts which meet several differentcriteria. One of the criteria is the time the posts were created. Only newerposts will be listed. The other kind of criteria are headers. The re… Show more… Show more Image transcription textFETCH? SHA-256b7e3fdlc7abdcb2ac410d1… Show more… Show more    Computer Science Engineering & Technology Java Programming CS JAVA

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Top answer: here is the distter file:
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