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Hello please help me RE WORD this essay and adjust the writing with… Hello please help me RE WORD this essay and adjust the writing with the comments . Basically the comments down below is things that need to be re written in the essay. Please help me fix my writing Thank you  ADJUST COMMENTS IN THE ESSAY:1.).   First sentence too broad.irresponsible2.)   We must3.)   Too much summary in intro/edit4.).     Where is the explanation of the capstone project-the connection to your major and to a critical concern?5.).       Clearly state your thesis at end of intro and then a clear transition to the topic sentence of your first research article.6.).      How did Guterl collect their information? Do not see any clear analysis  analysis for the Guterl article and the others prior ot your comparison section.7.).     You are just summarizing. Where are your thoughts, your opinions your connections?Good topic sentence for next article-Jarvis 8.).         What kind of study did they do? Where did they get their information and where is your analysis?9).         Cunningham-where did they get their temperatures? 10.).     Gore-Same how did they collect data to make their claims?No analysis11.).     Not clear on first paragraph of comparison. What arre you comparing? It is more summary/opinion.For Gore section. If this is your analysis for organization move it up to the article section. Base your analysis on the evidence. How does Limbaugh being a presenter change the evidence according to the article or your opinion/analysis? Are you thinking because of the politics of it?Having cleared that out…not clear on where this fits. Let’s discuss.Wielicki-Also, you are summarizing not explaining his theory/study/evidence in order to be able to critically analyze it in your words. Unclear who’s voice the “it is necessary for us” and “the informal researcher may suggest”12.).     “What maybe discovered”  could this be your thesis??Christy-same commentsMedia and Tabloids-this is not obvious that you are focusing on their strengths and weaknesses/influences. Should be in the intro.13.).      Label where discussion section starts and here you need to strongly 14.).        Remember this paper is not just about global warming it is presenting multiple perspectives on the topic not one sided and most importantly the problem you are stating in connection to you, personal, professional and societal. When you get into the media/hoax section this is good but needs better organizing so we know where you are going with it.Where is the data that brought them to these conclusions and results.15.).      However doing so-who’s voice and based on what evidence?You do not mention the media in the intro and there is nothing connected to gender at all or any general education class.16.).     When discussing Guterl can you compare his work with another research and synthesize that information better.?17.).     Attending these meetings says a great deal-such as what? exand.Christy: see your analysis here but a little disconnected from the researchIt is clear you have done a lot of research on the topic. You need more of your critical analysis and personal connections. ESSAY : Dangers of Global WarmingThere has been no other problem in our society that has garnered as much attention as global warming. Global warming has had an impact on many of the most important resources we have on our planet. Scientific studies have repeatedly shown how irresponsible we have been to our environment, and it is possible that we may never be able to restore the damage we have already done. It has been determined by the Institute of Arctic Biology at University of Alaska that the Arctic climate is increasing at a greater pace than any other place on the planet (Jarvis, L., 2009). Within the next 60 years, according to another scientific research, the Arctic Ocean will ultimately turn into a vast contaminated soup of water, which will have ramifications for the rest of the world’s water bodies (Ravilious, K., 2009). There are several scientists that agree with the subject matter and have a plethora of evidence to support their claims.We must investigate why and how the global warming problem originated in the first place, just as we would with any other important issue of the day. It is not a new phenomenon on our planet; it is part of a natural cycle that has been in motion for thousands of years (Schneider, 1989). The difficulty is that industrial technology has been there for 110 years, but it has never been as enormous as it is now due to several factors. Beginning in the late 1800s, industries, automobiles, and greenhouses began to play a role in the development of society. If we suppose that natural global warming and contemporary technology are incompatible with one another, we may construct an inductive argument to support our position. According to scientific study, the rapid pace at which carbon dioxide is produced into the atmosphere is causing our environment to degrade. Many extraordinary changes have occurred on our planet because of human- generated heat and earth heat interacting in a way that has never been seen before.What can we do to make this different? Perhaps it is too late to consider such a possibility. In 1997, a conference was held at which the subject of global warming and the safeguards that should be taken to slow the rate at which global warming was progressing were considered (Guterl, 2009). Unfortunately, the United States was not as aware about global warming as they are today, which is a shame. The United States did not participate in the conference, and the Senate voted 95-0 in favor of the resolution. This implied that they would not be present at the meeting and that they had a low opinion of the subject matter at hand, which was evident. That vote served as a guarantee that the United States would not be involved in similar meetings in the future. It was difficult for the contributors to convey the significance of global warming to the other international leaders in attendance. During this period, the United States produced the most amount of carbon dioxide in history (Guterl, 2009).During the Copenhagen Climate Summit in December, the United States will place emphasis on the word “out gassing.” The summit will take place in Denmark. The term “out gassing” refers to the measurement of the quantity of carbon dioxide that is emitted into the atmosphere. They want to prevent the world temperature from rising by more than two degrees Celsius in the next two decades. This has the potential to mitigate the impacts that have already been shown (Guterl, 2009). By having a world leader like the United States participate on this subject, we can understand just how important the problem of global warming has become. This problem would have had little significance to the United States 12 years ago, but the fact that the country is now regarded as the board’s leader demonstrates the amount of relevance that this issue has attained. The United States is aware of the situation and is eager to assist in finding solutions.Having addressed the subject of carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere and the hazards associated with it, we may now go on to another crucial topic, that of the Arctic region. According to the National Science Foundation’s Arctic System Science Program, the soil 65 feet under the level of the Arctic’s surface is heating up (Jarvis, L., 2009). The Arctic area sets the benchmark since it is located at the very top of the planet and exhibits the most severe consequences of global warming than any other. This region represents an upside-downfoundation of the earth. The increasing pace of land degradation in the Arctic may be a scarce reality for what may befall the rest of the planet soon.When we look at the changes that have occurred in the natural environment of the world since the beginning of the industrial revolution, we can see the consequences of global warming in full force. It’s a problem that can’t be ignored any longer. The flow of rivers, coal, and oil are all examples of natural resources that were put in place for a specific cause. They oversee maintaining order. They are the only thing that allows us to live. These elements of nature are necessary for the continuation of life on Earth. What was the starting point for all of this? When we first started removing these creatures from their native habitat, it was the beginning of the end. When natural resources are removed from their natural habitat, where they have rested and built up in areas of the earth where they have been for eons and eons, there has been an insufficient amount of research done to show what happens to the natural environment when these resources are removed from their natural habitat, where they have rested and built up in areas of the earth where they have been for eons and eons.According to Environmental Science, a textbook, the average global temperature has grown by one degree Celsius over the course of the last 100 years (Cunningham, W.P. & Cunningham, M.A., 2008). With that figure came another: it was determined that the highest temperatures ever recorded have been recorded since 1980. The years 1998 and 2005 were the ones with the highest temperatures. The warmest temperatures on record have been reported in these years, and this is true for the whole world (Cunningham, W.P. & Cunningham, M.A., 2008). This is one another piece of evidence demonstrating that man is responsible for the disruption of the global warming cycle. However, the fact is that practically everyone on the planet can agree that global warming is not a healthy thing for our planet.A documentary film directed by Al Gore (a previous vice president) and made a few years ago, titled “The Inconvenient Truth,” was released. Upton Sinclair makes a notable comment throughout the course of the film. In the words of Upton Sinclair, “It is impossible to make a man comprehend something when his income is contingent on his failure to grasp it” (Sinclair, 2006). When someone’s financial well-being or company success is dependent onwhether others believe in or witness the consequences of global warming, they may readily choose to deny the existence of the phenomenon to protect themselves. Living in the contemporary world is so extremely easy that it must have an impact on the environment. Because global warming is very uncomfortable, but it is also the truth, Al Gore named his documentary “The Inconvenient Truth,” which made perfect sense and was a saddening statement at the same time. If global warming is this bad, and we do not want the globe to warm much more and people to go extinct, we must undertake significant adjustments that would cost billions of dollars and cause a great deal of hardship. This sort of lifestyle would be very difficult to implement today because of the nature of the people living there. Unless we all work together, we will not see any significant change.ComparisonThe subject of global warming is a serious one, but it has received much too much attention and has been overstated to a dangerous degree. The reality that the world is always changing is something that we must all embrace. We need to see this shift, regardless of whether it is beneficial. Fortunately, we are now able to quantify all the losses caused by global warming, but regrettably, we are unable to determine if this has been the case all along. The concept of global warming is a fallacy. Even though we can all very well agree that global warming is real and is happening right now, there has been no study for this article that has been able to agree on precisely when global warming began. It is much too late to be concerned about the time when global warming first started, since what counts most is the now and the future, not the past or the future. Because we have study and scientific theory to back us up, the past isn’t as important as it once was. In a way, global warming is a type of propaganda in and of itself. What do you mean? The stars exploit global warming to improve their physical appearance (as in smarter and helpful). If they claim to be contributing to the reduction of global warming, people will believe them and admire them for it.Al Gore is often regarded as the unofficial leader of those who believe in global warming. Rush Limbaugh is his unofficial opponent, and he is a radio talk show host. When it comes to scandal, Rush Limbaugh is a well-liked figure (Anonymous, 2008). He was said to have said,”Global warming caused by humans is a scam. It is completely without foundation.” He spoke this in front of around 13 million people just a year before (Anonymous, 2008). Because Limbaugh is a talk show presenter rather than a scientific researcher, it is important to take his words with a grain of salt. Even though he is a talk show presenter, it is reasonable to presume that he has a few researchers working for him to assist him in forming informed conclusions. He would not have made such bold statements if he had not been so well informed. Limbaugh understands he would be challenged about his opinions, and as a result, he understands the need of gathering accurate and sufficient material to back him up.Having cleared that out, we can go on to discussing the scientific evidence that has most of us a bit too anxious about the topic of global warming in general. An internet site with the domain name geocraft.com has a great deal of scientific study on the topic of global warming claims, and it is worth visiting. “Climate change is essentially regulated by cyclical eccentricities in the Earth’s rotation and orbit, as well as fluctuations in the sun’s energy output,” says the International Energy Agency (geocraft.com 1989). What this website is claiming is that greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide, or the inefficient supply of these gases, are not what is causing the planet to heat up and chill down. In the simplest words possible. There is no question that these toxic bodies are bad for humans, and it is difficult to argue that they are not the root cause of climate change.Bruce Wielicki, a NASA scientist who has been researching global warming since the 1970s, has been working on the problem since the 1970s (Wielicki, B., 2008). For Wielicki, global warming is a major problem that must be addressed immediately. Even though he thinks global warming may be true, and that if it is, it is a major concern, he is persistent in asking the question: Is global warming a manufactured rage? Is it necessary for us to be so anxious and certain that global warming is genuine if a highly educated scientist who has been researching this problem for almost four decades is not convinced of its existence and validity? The informal researcher may suspect that global warming is a hoax on the world. If one were to do genuine study rather than just listening in on what is claimed to be a major problem, one would find that What may be discovered is that global warming is a massive hoax perpetrated by the government.When it comes to environmental changes that affect people, humans tend to block off and detach themselves. Our species has a tough time adapting to new environments. Since, none of us has lived through the whole of human history and all of the changes that the world has through. Global warming seems to be bizarre and unfamiliar to us. Perhaps if there were someone who had been on the planet from the beginning of time, they would be able to recognize the periods in which mother earth has gone through this transformation and that there has not been a complete extinction. The explanation or phrase that we use to describe the changes that we are witnessing would help us to feel more at ease and expose the genuine dangers that we are facing.Even though there is a great deal of data demonstrating that global warming is genuine, there is also a great deal of evidence demonstrating the exact opposite. A prominent atmospheric and climate scientist by the name of Dr. John R. Christy asserts that, during the 1800s, the globe was “apparently coming out of a pretty cold phase, such that warming in the last century may be part of this natural recovery” (Christy, 2003). As a result, while the planet is following its natural course, we are stressing out and believing that the world is coming to an end. Many ordinary folks are concerned about global warming, which is a positive development. These apparently ordinary folks may be able to alter some of their behaviors, which will benefit the environment in other ways.One aspect of the media and tabloids is that they exaggerate the severity and scope of global warming to make it seem more real than it really is. The presumption that global warming is real based only on the viewing of television programmed that explore this contentious issue would be an unreasonable method to take a position on such a contentious topic. It is preferable to research a topic before deciding on something as important as this. Whenever an issue, no matter how important it may or may not be, gets battered as brutally as global warming has been, people begin to lose hope and stop caring. As a result, it becomes a discussion that no longer incorporates important facts, but rather one in which celebrities and politicians from both political parties take part. Assuming global warming is a genuine phenomenon, there are several flaws that must be addressed before delving further into the subject. The situation is complicated.Those who continue to squander their time and energy to halt the process of global warming should divert that time and energy to a subject that is real and that we are all familiar with: the fight against cancer.In conclusion, because of having seen all sides of this issue, we can now focus our attention on the facts and attempt to determine what precisely is going to occur. It is a known fact that the Arctic area is the one where the temperature is rising the most rapidly (Jarvis, L., 2009). This is a shocking statistic that should raise some eyebrows, and it is frightening since the supply of ice packs is at an all-time low (Jarvis, L., 2009). What is the big deal about this? It is a huge concern because it indicates that there will be more water, and that it will begin to submerge land, which is quite dangerous. This has never happened before on the planet, at least not that we know of. Our contemporary way of life does much more harm than it does good. We are being irresponsible by continuing to live in this manner.The claim was made that man does not produce nearly enough carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases to have a significant influence on and heat up the world (Guterl, 2009). One thing we forget to acknowledge is the fact that we are no longer the sole developed nation, and that the industrial technology used by other countries are likewise dependent on us. More nations are contributing to global warming than ever before. Something must be suffering and losing if this is the case, given many nations find joy in such technological and scientific advancements. No one can deny that global warming is occurring, but we can all see the massive quantities of carbon dioxide that are being emitted into our atmosphere at an alarmingly rapid rate if we look at the evidence.It is important to bear in mind that in 1997, we were not attending meetings or otherwise involved with this topic (Guterl, 2009). Because there are so many competent scientists and thinkers in the United States, the mere fact that we are attending these meetings says a great deal. The efforts of our nation to find a solution to global warming are seen negatively by many individuals who do not think that there is such such thing as global warming. If this is accurate, it would not be the first time that the United States has been shown incorrect on a worldwide problem by the evidence. Having said that, the United States has been researching this problemfor a long time and is very committed to finding a solution based on their findings. At the Copenhagen Summit, there will be excellent research and solutions addressed that will be beneficial.According to Dr. John R. Christy, we may think that this is just a warming up from the previous cooling down that occurred in the 1800s and that this is a natural cycle (Christy, 2003). That we, as humans, are polluting the earth’s atmosphere and that these things do not simply happen cannot be dismissed. If the term “global warming” seems too horrible to you, let’s come up with something else to call it. However, I must tell you that doing so will not make the problem go away or improve its condition. Because the world is so ancient, and our technology is quite new, we do not have all the information at our disposal. The facts that we can see, on the other hand, demonstrate what we are doing. If we continue to conduct our lives in the same manner, future generations will not be able to enjoy the same level of happiness that we have.ReferencesAnonymous. (2008) U.S. cold weather serves as fodder for climate change deniers.Global information network, New York. Abstract retrieved on March 27, 2010,from ProQuest Direct database.Christy, J. (2003) Climate Research. http://geoface.comCunningham, W.P. and Cunningham, M.A. (2008). Principles of environmental science:Inquiry and applications (Custom 5th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill. Guterl, F. (2009) It’s too late to stop global warming. Newsweek Vol. 154, Iss. 9,Abstract retrieved on April 1, 2010, from ProQuest Direct database.Jarvis, L. (2009) Trouble in the tundra. Chemical & Engineering News, Vol. 87, Iss. 33,p. 39 Abstract retrieved March 22, 2010, from ProQuest Direct database. Ravilious, K. (2009) Arctic Ocean is polluted soup. New scientist. London, Vol. 203,Iss. 2720, p. 11 Abstract retrieved March 23, 2010, from ProQuest Directdatabase.Schneider, S., (1989) Global warming: Are we entering the greenhouse century? SanFrancisco: Sierra Club Books.Sinclair, R. (2006) An inconvenient truth (Documentary) Paramount classic:Participants production.Wielicki, B. (2008) Climate change: Is it a hoax or is it true. Tribune BusinessNews. *** [insert pages] *** Abstract retrieved April 1, 2010, from ProQuest Direct database. Arts & Humanities English Literature ENGLISH 10405

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