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Financial Statement Analysis Industry Project Review and analyze… Financial Statement Analysis Industry Project Review and analyze two companies, compare the two companies through financial statement analysis. You will complete one paper.(The calculations on one statement can be done by one student and the calculations on the other statement by another student with results combined to come to one conclusion and justification for the conclusion.)  1. Overview – background information for each company  2. Analysis of the income statements of each company  3. Analysis of the balance sheet of each company  4. Analysis of the cash flow statement of each company.   5. Analysis of the stockholders’ equity statement of each company   6. Other information – management’s report, supplemental information, notes to the financial statements, etc. 7. Conclusions Include vertical and horizontal analysis for each statement, and various ratio analysis. Include business segments (if any), selected highlights, definitions of ratios, summation of ratios with industry averages for each company, asset growth, pension plans, and z-scores. Include forecasting and decision making information. Include charts and diagrams where appropriate. Accounting Business Managerial Accounting ACCT 343

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Top answer: Financial Statement Analysis Industry Project Review and analyze…
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