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Directions – Watch the film The Book Thief (2013) by Brian Percival… Directions – Watch the film The Book Thief (2013) by Brian Percival Read the questions before you watch the film so that you will know what to look for while you watch.  On this page, or on a separate Google Doc, complete the assignment by answering each question in paragraph form. Answers need to be complete and comprehensive, demonstrating that you paid attention to the film and thought about what was shown on the screen.  You may use more than one paragraph if necessary. Be sure that the topic sentence of your first paragraph uses keywords from the question. All responses should be in complete sentences using proper spelling, grammar and punctuation.Identify the film by stating its title, the year it was released, the name of the director,  where the story is set, and the time period in which the story takes place.Who is the protagonist and what is he or she like?Who or what is the antagonist and what is he, she, or it like?What is the conflict that is driving the protagonist to act?Is there another less important conflict, often referred to as a subplot, which helps drive the story? If so, describe that conflict and who is involved in it.Describe three actions that the protagonist takes in order to try to resolve the conflict.What is the climax – the moment when the action of the plot can only turn in one direction?How is the conflict resolved?What aspects of the protagonist’s character lead to the resolution of the conflict?  Support your conclusion.Identify two literary devices from the following list: motif, symbol, foreshadowing, flashback, foil, opposition, irony, or language choice (diction) that are used in the story and describe how they affect plot progression, assist in character development, or convey meaning. Arts & Humanities English English Literature ENGLISH ENG4C

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Top answer: Directions – Watch the film The Book Thief (2013) by Brian Percival…
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