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Define gene Structure of DNA tells us what? What are Chargaff’s… Define geneStructure of DNA tells us what?What are Chargaff’s rules?If given a DNA sequence, use Chargaff’s rules to explain the complementary sequence.What did Griffith’s and Avery’s experiments tell us?What are bacteriophages?What did the Hersey-Chase experiments tell us?What is the structure of DNA?What is semi-conservative replication of DNA?What enzymes are involved in DNA replication and what do they do?What are Okazaki fragments?How are DNA mistakes repaired?What is the Central Dogma of biology?Define transcription and translation. Where do they occur and how do they work?What are the 3 phases of translation? What happens during each?What are the 3 types of RNA and what are they used for?What is a promoter?What does RNA polymerase do?What are triplets/codons? Why do we have codons?What are introns and exons?What is the function of ribosomes?What are the differences between DNA and RNA?How are genes turned on and off?Define wild typeDescribe mutations.What are insertions and deletions?What are mutagens?What are mutations? Silent? Missense? Nonsense? Frame-shift?What is cancer? Characteristics?Where can they occur?Why are highly specialized cells not a cancer risk?Why are hereditary cancers dangerous?What is leukemia?What is p53?What are proto-oncogenes?What do cancer cells do with telomerase?What is angiogenesis?What is metastasis?How is cancer treated?How can cancer be possibly prevented?What are antioxidants? Science Biology BSC 1005C

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Top answer: Define gene Structure of DNA tells us what? What are Chargaff’s…
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