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Cyber Hacking The U.S. Homeland Security Department describes cyber… Cyber HackingThe U.S. Homeland Security Department describes cyber incidents (hacking) as actions where there is an attempt to gain unauthorized access to a system or its data, unwanted disruption to service, unauthorized use of a system, or change to a system without the owner’s permission. As companies store and process more and more data at centralized, off-site “cloud” data centers, the opportunities for criminals to hack data are growing. Cyber security is an important part of every organization’s information systems protocols, and many companies now employ a senior executive with the title of Chief Information Security Officer. What cyber incidents have you heard of in the news over the last year? What precautions have you taken with your personal data to prevent a hack? What would you do if you learned that a company you do business with, such as your bank or college, had been the subject of a cyber incident? Thoroughly answer the 3 bolded questions in paragraph form and make a meaningful, thoughtful reply with a very excellent explanation. Computer Science Engineering & Technology Information Security CGS 1570

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Top answer: Cyber Hacking The U.S. Homeland Security Department describes cyber…
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