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COVID-19 has driven incredible growth in the food delivery market,… COVID-19 has driven incredible growth in the food delivery market, which was already skyrocketing before the pandemic. By 2025, the online food delivery Industry Is projected to grow by nearly 20% to reach a whopping $200 billion In annual sales.While there are already established players in the market, such as Uber Eats, GrubHub and DoorDash, you can capture a piece of this financial pie by subcontracting with one of these major delivery players.Alternatively, you could leverage your local relationships and compete on a local level by offering cheaper, faster delivery and undercutting the service fees of the national conglomerates. It’s a competitive market, but there is potential to start a food delivery business in this fast-growing Industry.You could also expand beyond just food delivery by becoming a personal shopper or fulfillment specialist for services like Instacart or e-commerce delivery services. Demand for these jobs Is skyrocketing – up to 73% since 2019. Service qualityThe increased level of competition between businesses, and the increased pressure and demands from better informed and educated customers, has forced many service managers to direct more efforts to better understand how customers perceive the quality of services they deliver.Over decades researchers have viewed quality from many different perspectives. 5.1 Do desktop research to identify and then discuss five (5) different approaches that customers take to measure the quality      of services.(5×2=10)5.2 Identify two (2) approaches that are most apparent among the target market of your chosen food delivery business.      Motivate your choices.  Business Management BUSINESS 470

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Top answer: COVID-19 has driven incredible growth in the food delivery market,…
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