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Assignment Brief This final assignment is on the subject of… Assignment BriefThis final assignment is on the subject of Managing Cultural Diversity. You are required t conduct your own research on Geert Hofstede’s 6 dimensions of culture to gain a good understanding. Go to this link https://www.hofstede-insights.com/country-comparison/ and request for a comparison of two to three countries you are familiar with.  Read the report on each country you are analysing. This assignment requires you to analyse, comment and compare the cultural norms and practices of a company you are familiar with in respect of any 2 dimensions of the 6 dimensions of culture and analyse them against the culture norms of the country you have chosen. You can reference any company (current employer, past employer, etc). If you have always been a student and have no working experience at all, you can compare these country norms with your personal culture and preferences with respect to any of the two dimensions.  Deliverables Briefly introduce Hofstede’s 6 dimensions of culture to demonstrate an overview understanding. Max 1 page.Articulate the management style and practices that is most indicative of your organization’s culture with respect to 2 of the 6 dimensions of culture and compare that to the cultures of the two countries you have selected. You can either concur with the approach your organization takes or suggest what you feel would be a better management practice, with your own rationale for it.The assignment is aimed at giving you useful and practical insight into thinking about cultures of the countries and organizations you are in/work with, in comparison with others, and ideally, your preferences as well Business Management Human Resource Management HRM 782

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Top answer: Assignment Brief This final assignment is on the subject of…
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