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Arthur was a claims investigator for the Really Big Insurance… Arthur was a claims investigator for the Really Big Insurance Company (RBIC). When Arthur, together with Sam, his supervisor, was investigating claims along the Jersey Shore after Super Storm Sandy, he mentioned that his father had struggled with bipolar disorder for many years. About a year later, Arthur was terminated from his position because he had outbursts, was rude to supervisors, and on one occasion, to a claimant. Arthur was diagnosed with a bipolar disorder.Before Arthur was fired, the RBIC provided Arthur with job training opportunities, job counseling opportunities, medical leave and an offer to work with a psychiatrist. Eventually, Arthur was terminated for one outburst too many directed at his supervisor during the course of a performance appraisal. Arthur sued, asserting that the Company should have made reasonable accommodations, including restructuring his job duties, changing his work schedule to avoid stressful periods and exempting him from normal performance reviews.Discuss both Arthur’s and RBIC’s respective responsibilities in this situation. What type of claim might Arthur assert if he decides to file a lawsuit? What might RBIC argue in response? What else might you like to know about this dispute?If you were deciding Arthur’s claim, what standards would you apply? WhyHow, if at all, would your answer change if Arthur’s conduct was the result of a drinking problem instead of a bipolar disorder? Why? Social Science Law HRM 37:575:315

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