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Accounting Internship Summarize your accounting internship. Did any… Accounting Internship  Summarize your accounting internship.Did any of the three professional development competencies change throughout the semester? If so, why?For each professional development competency, reflect on the following:How was the competency important?Were the begin and end dates accurate? Were you able to obtain the knowledge and/or acquire the skill within the timeframe outlined? If not, why?How successful were you in completing your goal? Did the strategy originally selected assist in achieving the goal? If not, why? If so, how?You listed potential obstacles-were they actually obstacles and if so, why? What did you do to overcome them?How were you able to use checkpoints to ensure you were on target to meet your goals? Did your checkpoints change? What did you do to adjust and stay on track?Review your evaluation criteria-are you able to measure success? What does success look like when obtaining your goals? Outline the steps taken to meet your goal and assess whether or not the original criteria are still relevant.  What were your expectations of this experience and were they met? If not, how have you dealt with it?Describe the impact this experience has had on you and how you anticipate it will affect your future.What makes you feel that you would or would not like to perform this internship/job as a career?  Business BUSINESS BUSX301

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Top answer: Accounting Internship Summarize your accounting internship. Did any…
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