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1. The line on page 259 that BEST represents the anxiety that Kate… 1. The line on page 259 that BEST represents the anxiety that Kate feels on the drive home isSelect one:a.”anchors me and helps me to know who I am”  b.”always takes me by the throat”  c.”the feeling is as much pleasure as pain”  d.”it is the sensation of going back in time”2. The relationship between Marie and Kate could BEST be described asSelect one:a.Loving  b.Tiring  c.Cordial  d.Hateful  3.The fact that Daniel meets the family easily tells us thatSelect one:a.Kate’s brothers are good at hiding their true feelings  b.All of Kate’s concern is really about her own issues  c.Daniel has maybe met them before  d.Marie has more influence than Kate thought  4. The “little sugared Simon” (page 264) symbolizes theSelect one:a.Humbleness of Crow Lake  b.Sentimentality of Crow Lake  c.Forgetfulness of Crow Lake  d.Consistency of Crow Lake  5. In context, the word RECKONS in “Reckons rich Americans are going to come in their millions.” (page 266) meansSelect one:a.Hopes  b.Knows  c.Predicts  d.Overlooks  6. In chapter 23, it is confirmed that Mr. Pye wasSelect one:a.having financial troubles on the farm  b.verbally abusive to his whole family  c.really a soft hearted man  d.physically abusive to his whole family  7. When the author capitalizes “the Untamed Splendor of the Wilderness” (page 272) Kate is using a tone ofSelect one:a.Admiration  b.Disgust  c.Sarcasm  d.Worship  8. The person that FIRST challenges Kate’s long-held perception of Matt isSelect one:a.Luke  b.Daniel  c.Marie  d.Matt  9. Crow Lake is a novel that is about bothSelect one:a.Tragedy and Love  b.Resentment and Survival  c.Honesty and Hate  d.Understanding and Communication  Clear my choice    10. The event that brings the story full circle is whenSelect one:a.Luke takes Bo for her driving lessons  b.Kate brings Daniel to the pond  c.Kate and Daniel return to Crow Lake  d.Mrs. Stanovich comes to the birthday party       Arts & Humanities English English Literature ENG 1302

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Top answer: 1. The line on page 259 that BEST represents the anxiety that Kate…
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