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Hello dear law experts, thank you and please ASAP assist in… Hello dear law experts, thank you and please ASAP assist in answering to the case study attached below…(No reference it’s made up)  ** NEED TO ANALYZE CASE THROUGH THE USE FOCUS OF ANY OF THESE TOPICS THATMAKE THE MOST SENSE AND APPLY PROPER LAW RULES / STEPS BASED ON THE APPLICATION;  – Misrepresentation and terms- Discharge of contracts- *Law of agency – *Business organizations – *Real property law  Please apply case study like such;- Look how question ends- Take / state the facts to the question AND APPLY EACH STEP of the law TEST and almost reach mini conclusions- Applications to see if we have a statement of fact, is it false, induce the deal? And is it material??- IS each step of the test if it is made out?_________________________________________________  CASE STUDY STARTS BELOW: OK SO REVIEW AND For each of the situations, answer the following two questions by : (1) explain what form of authority was used to create the agency relationship, and (2) explain whether the contract with the third party would be enforceable against the principal (2 marks per scenario):Scenario #1: sammy is a real estate agent that has been hired by ky  to sell his home. Both parties sign a written agency agreement. Sammy successfully sells the home to Mica and all parties sign the purchase contract. Ky now has second thoughts about moving forward with the contract.  Scenario #2: Dean, the owner of two retail stores, has hired Summer to serve as credit manager. Dean has verbally given Summer authority to examine and approve requests for credit extensions by customers. Summer looks over Xi’s application for an extension and approves it. A few days later, Dean finds out and does want to honour the contract with Xi. Scenario #4: Brean, a lawyer, has been retained (hired) by Sun to negotiate the settlement of a legal dispute. Sun has been sued for breach of contract by Cora, and Sun wants to ensure the dispute goes away. In the written retainer agreement, Sun authorizes Brean to reach a settlement contract with Cora for any amount less then $120,000. Brean and Sun sign the agreement. Brean works diligently on the file and is able to reach a written settlement with Cora where Sun will pay $105,000. Despite the agreement, Sun does not want to pay that high an amount anymore and refuses to honour the settlement with Cora.  Business Management Business Law UGBA MISC

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Top answer: Hello dear law experts, thank you and please ASAP assist in…
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