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Two parts to the question You have been assigned to develop a trace… Two parts to the question You have been assigned to develop a trace evidence unit at your laboratory that would be providing services for documents, inks and soil examinations. Part 1 – Analytical instrumentationProvide an extensive list of the analytical instrumentation and equipment that you would need, to provide these services in accordance to current standard guidelines and standard methods (use ASTM methods). Use the following table format for your response (create as many rows as needed). Analytical instrument or equipmentDescribe the need for this instrument/ equipmentDescribe the information that can be obtained with this instrument/ equipment      Part 2 – Marketing your new servicesOnce you set up the new trace evidence unit, communicate to your customers (CSI unit) the new services and the added value associated with your services.Describe to your CSI unit:What type of new services are provided by your trace unit?What type of cases can benefit from these services?What kind of information could be derived from these services and added value to an investigation? Law Social Science Forensic Science CIS MISC

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Top answer: Two parts to the question You have been assigned to develop a trace…
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