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Sampletext.txt below…. Sampletext.txt below. ProductModelID,Name,Summary,Manufacturer,Copyright,ProductURL,WarrantyPeriod,WarrantyDescription,NoOfYears,MaintenanceDescription,Wheel,Saddle,Pedal,BikeFrame,Crankset,PictureAngle,PictureSize,ProductPhotoID,Material,Color,ProductLine,Style,RiderExperience,rowguid,ModifiedDate19,Mountain-100,”Our top-of-the-line competition mountain bike.Performance-enhancing options include the innovative HL Frame,super-smooth front suspension, and traction for allterrain.”,AdventureWorks,2002,HTTP://www.Adventure-works.com,3years,parts and labor,10 years,maintenance contract available throughyour dealer or any AdventureWorks retail store.,High performancewheels.,Anatomic design and made from durable leather for a full-dayof riding in comfort.,Top-of-the-line clipless pedals with adjustabletension.,”Each frame is hand-crafted in our Bothell facility to theoptimum diameter and wall-thickness required of a premium mountainframe. The heat-treated welded aluminum frame has a larger diametertube that absorbs the bumps.”,” Triple crankset; alumunim crank arm;flawless shifting. “,front,small,118,Almuminum Alloy,Available in mostcolors,Mountain bike,Unisex,Advanced to Professionalriders,FCA0665B-B956-489A-A5EC-6F0B4AA14D02,2011-05-01 00:00:00.00023,Mountain-500,”Suitable for any type of riding, on or off-road. Fitsany budget. Smooth-shifting with a comfortableride.”,AdventureWorks,2002,HTTP://www.Adventure-works.com,1 year,partsand labor,3 years,maintenance contact available throughdealer,”Stable, durable wheels suitable for novice riders.”,Made fromsynthetic leather and features gel padding for increasedcomfort.,Expanded platform so you can ride in any shoes; great forall-around riding.,”Our best value frame utilizing the same,ground-breaking technology as the ML aluminum frame.”,” Super rigidspindle. “,front,small,1,Aluminum Alloy,Available in allcolors.,Mountain bike,Unisex,Novice to Intermediateriders,866DBAD3-5999-4329-BEAC-D826D959D9A1,2012-10-19 09:56:38.27325,Road-150,”This bike is ridden by race winners. Developed with theAdventure Works Cycles professional race team, it has a extremelylight heat-treated aluminum frame, and steering that allows precisioncontrol.”,AdventureWorks,2002,HTTP://www.Adventure-works.com,4years,parts and labor,7 years,maintenance contact available throughdealer or any Adventure Works Cycles retail store.,Strong wheels withdouble-walled rims.,Lightweight  kevlar racing saddle.,Top-of-the-lineclipless pedals with adjustable tension.,”Our lightest and bestquality  aluminum frame made from the newest alloy; it is welded andheat-treated for strength. Our innovative design results in maximumcomfort and performance.”,NULL,front,small,126,Aluminum,Available inall colors.,Road bike,Unisex,Intermediate to Professionalriders,94FFB702-0CBC-4E3F-B840-C51F0D11C8F6,2011-05-01 00:00:00.00028,Road-450,”A true multi-sport bike that offers streamlined ridingand a revolutionary design. Aerodynamic design lets you ride with thepros, and the gearing will conquer hillyroads.”,AdventureWorks,2002,HTTP://www.Adventure-works.com,1year,parts and labor,5 years,maintenance contact available throughdealer,Aluminum alloy rim with stainless steel spokes; built for speedon our high quality rubber tires.,Comfortable saddle with bumpabsorping rubber bumpers.,Top-of-the-line clipless pedals withadjustable tension.,”aluminum alloy  frame and features a lightweightdown-tube milled to the perfect diameter for optimalstrength.”,NULL,front,small,111,Aluminum Alloy,Available in allcolors.,Road bike,Unisex,Novice to Advancedriders,8456BB94-B4DD-4A47-A76B-D0E54AB4285D,2011-05-01 00:00:00.00034,Touring-1000,”Travel in style and comfort. Designed for maximumcomfort and safety. Wide gear range takes on all hills. High-techaluminum alloy construction provides durability without addedweight.”,AdventureWorks,2002,HTTP://www.Adventure-works.com,1year,parts and labor,5 years,maintenance contact available throughdealer,Excellent aerodynamic rims guarantee a smooth ride.,Cut-outshell  for a more comfortable ride.,A stable pedal for all-dayriding.,”aluminum alloy  frame and features a lightweight down-tubemilled to the perfect diameter for optimalstrength.”,NULL,front,small,87,”Aluminum alloy “,Available in mostcolors.,Touring bike,Unisex,Novice to Advancedriders,52E7F2C1-DBFF-4518-927D-C7D46F9ED32E,2012-10-19 09:56:38.27335,Touring-2000,”The plush custom saddle keeps you riding all day, andthere’s plenty of space to add panniers and bike bags to thenewly-redesigned carrier.This bike has great stability whenfully-loaded. “,AdventureWorks,2002,HTTP://www.Adventure-works.com,1year,parts and labor,5 years,maintenance contact available throughdealer,NULL,New design  relieves pressure for longrides.,Top-of-the-line clipless pedals with adjustable tension.,”Thealuminum frame is custom-shaped for both good looks and strength; itwill withstand the most rigorous challenges of daily riding.”,”High-strength crank arm. “,front,small,87,Aluminum,Available in allcolors except metallic.,Touring bike,Men’s,Intermediate to Advancedriders,AA10D9E6-E33F-4DA8-ACE1-992FCD6BB171,2012-10-19 09:56:38.273 Image transcription text1. View this file and describe what type of file is this (3 points). What is the character delimiter used in this FILE(3 points)? Is the data in the file structured or unstructured data? (4 points) 2. Import this data into MicrosoftExcel using Get Data wizard and provide detailed Screen Shots. Fix the format if needed. Hint the… Show more… Show more Engineering & Technology Computer Science

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