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Q15)Yum! Toronto just released its latest Balance Sheet. It shows… Q15)Yum! Toronto just released its latest Balance Sheet. It shows that the company has total assets of $25,000, fixed assets of $6,000, long-term debt of $11,000, short-term debt of $15,000. What is the amount of Net Working Capital?$5,000$9,000$4,000$10,000$1,000Q26)Which of the following statements about leverage is NOT true?If a company expects to have lower sales next year, then an increased leverage will provide a greater payoff to shareholders (as measured by ROE and EPS).If a company expects to have higher sales next year, then the company should use more leverage.As a firm increases its leverage, shareholders bear greater risk so a higher compensation is required.As a firm increases its leverage, the firm’s business risk remains unchanged.All of the above.Q14)You just received a payment from the company you invested one year ago. The payment was made in the form of new shares of stock, rather than cash. Such a kind of payment is called a(n)_______dividend.Extra.Normal.Stock.Liquidating.Special.Q13)Dan is asked to analyze a retail store. According to his calculation, the store has an inventory period of 25 days and an accounts payable period of 20 days. In addition, the store keeps an accounts receivable turnover rate of 20. Assuming one year has 365 days, how long is the store’s cash cycle?65 days25 days26.75 days23.25 days63.25 daysQ18)Riverside Inc. needs a state-of-the-art therapeutic equipment which costs $150,000. To maintain the equipment, an annual cost of $20,000 is required for each year over its six-year life. After six years, the equipment becomes useless without any salvage value. The equipment belongs to the Class 10 category (CCA rate is 30%). The company faces a tax rate of 35% and investors demand a discount rate of 15%. What would be the equivalent annual cost (EAC) of this equipment?-$43,990-$40,087-$35,280-$52,636-$17,990Q19)When you figure out a negative net advantage to leasing (NAL), you should__________:buy the asset;lease the asset;be indifferent between leasing and buying the asset;be indifferent between buying the asset and stopping your business;stop your business; Business Finance BUSI busi2504

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Top answer: Q15)Yum! Toronto just released its latest Balance Sheet. It shows…
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