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MOG 25… Before you start working, talk to me about your decision…. MOG 25…Before you start working, talk to me about your decision. The primary premise of this project is that you will be able to describe the functional activities of the organization of your choice, investigate functional difficulties, and propose corrective actions using the IS and its capabilities to modernize obsolete business processes. ought to be The following factors may be taken into consideration: Providing background information on the organization/system you’ve chosen. Identifying the types of systems you’ve chosen (software).vDescribing TWO business processes; including all related business functions -Please draw on wide sets of process mapping tools, i.e. a cross-functional diagram or alternatively flowchart. Therein, for rigors and coherence purposes, you will need to draw on relevant literature and modelling techniques to the issues raised in your chosen case study. ? Describing the technology and its main IT infrastructure components in your chosen case. ?Outlining organizational benefit from the extant IS application in the chosen process. ?Articulating the management level involved in using the system. Discussing the business and IS strategies influenced by this kind of technology. Commenting on any issues dysfunctional areas that arose during research of the case study.it should be for example like SAP or oracle for example in any organization for example in HR what is the process with the follow diagramUnix Case Study Describe the segments that compose a Unix process and how the exec functions create these segments from the sections of an executable binary file. [8 marks] Using as an example the command line ls | wc, describe the sequence of operations and system calls that a shell must perform to execute the commands to the point at which an exec function is invoked on each of ls and wc. [12 marks] 10 Computation Theory Give a brief explanation of each of the following: (a) the encoding of register machine programs as numbers [5 marks] (b) the notion of a universal register machine [3 marks] (c) the notion of a register machine decidable subset of N =  marks] Assuming the existence of a universal register machine, or otherwise, show that there is a unary computable partial function f(x) such that both {x ? N | f(x) is defined} and {y | for some x, f(x) = y} are register machine undecidable. If you appeal to the undecidability of the Halting Problem, you must prove it. (You may assume the existence of register machines for coding and decoding pairs of numbers as numbers.) For Single Precision in the IEEE binary floating point standard (IEEE 754) the precision is defined as 24, and the exponent requires 8 bits of storage. With reference to IEEE Single Precision, explain the terms exponent, significand, precision, sign bit, normalised number, denormal number, hidden bit. [7 marks] How many bits are required to store a Single Precision number? How is the exponent stored? What is the value of the hidden bit for (a) normalised, and (b) denormal numbers? [3 marks] Define the terms absolute error, relative error, machine epsilon. [3 marks] Suppose x * = 4.0027, y * = 4.0047 are numbers represented on a computer with machine epsilon = 0.5 × 10-4 . Estimate roughly (i) the maximum absolute error, and (ii) maximum relative error in evaluating (y – x). Use your results to explain the term loss of significance. [7 marks] 12 Digital Electronics There exist several methods to speed up the carry completion in a digital adder. Explain one. [8 marks] A particularly ingenious method invented in the mid-nineteenth century by Charles Babbage is called ‘anticipatory carry’. Give an explanation of this method and illustrate it with an example. [12 marks] 13 Discrete Mathematics Show that the maximum flow in a capacitated network is the capacity of the minimum cut between source and sink. [14 marks] Exhibit the maximum matching problem in a bipartite graph as a special case of network flow.(a) Outline the effects of the library methods createco(f, size), deleteco(ctpr), callco(cptr, val), and cowait on the concept of coroutines as used in BCPL (val).(b) Describe how you would create a coroutine to merge two infifinite streams of growing integers supplied by two other coroutines in increasing order.(c) Briefly outline how you would implement an analogous merging mechanism inan object-oriented language(a) Describe one possible structure (e.g. ELF) of an object fifile. Illustrate youranswer by considering the form of object fifile which might result from thefollowing C program.int a = 1, b = -1;extern int g(int);extern int c;int f() { return g(a-b) + c; }It is not necessary to consider the exact instruction sequence, just issuesconcerning its interaction with the object fifile format. [10 marks](b) Describe how a linker takes a sequence of such programs and produces anexecutable fifile. [4 marks](c) Compare and contrast static and dynamic linking in a system using your objectfifile format. [6 marks]4CST.2001.6.5A weighted binary tree can be defifined using compound terms in the following way.A node of the tree is represented by the term n(V, L, R), where V stands for thevalue of the node, and L and R stand for the left and right branches, respectively.A terminal node has the R and L components instantiated to the null list.Given an input tree T, write a Prolog program that constructs a tree of the sameshape as T, but in which the value of each node has been set to the value of themaximum value node in T.[Note: Maximum marks are available only for programs that perform this task inone recursive descent of the input tree, and which use no more than four clauses.][20 marks]5The environmental agency is setting up an SQL database to monitor long-termtrends in the climate. Data are collected from observatories of a number of difffferentkinds.Flood risk is of particular concern. Each water authority measures river levels andrates of flflow hourly at major points, and records reservoir levels daily.In addition, the agency maintains weather stations both inland and at sea. Theserecord precipitation (rainfall etc.), temperature, sunshine, air pressure and wind.Values of new precipitation, temperature, pressure, and wind speed and directionare taken hourly; gusts of over 60 m.p.h. are noted whenever they occur.Maximum and minimum temperature and pressure, the total number of hours ofsunshine and the total precipitation are recorded daily. Inland stations can begrouped by water authority.By default these primary data will be relegated to archive after 2 years. Selectedinformation is retained permanently in a data warehouse. This serves two purposes.First, it holds monthly summary data consisting of the maximum (and minimumas appropriate) day value for each statistic, together with the monthly totals ofsunshine and precipitation. The warehouse also keeps detailed information relatingto periods of extreme weather from the relevant observatories, with one or morekeywords describing the nature of the incident (flflood, blizzard, hurricane etc.) andan optional comment.Write notes to assist in the design of the schema for the relational data warehouse,including any diagrams that you fifind helpful. Explain how your design will enablemeteorologists to fifind relevant past records, noting any assumptions that you makeabout the nature of the data.[You should not go into unnecessary detail about the structure of the primarydatabase. You may assume that expert meteorologists will select the data for thewarehouse.][20 marks]6CST.2001.6.7Make brief notes on four of the five themes listed below.(a) The relationship between three forms of operational semantics of the Languageof Commands (LC) given by• an evaluation relation h P, si ? hV, s0 i• a transition relation h P, si ? hP0 , s0 i• a transition relation between the confifigurationsh c, r, si of theSMC-machine(b) The notion of semantic equivalence of LC phrases and its congruence property.(c) Call-by-name and call-by-value rules for evaluating function applications in theLanguage of Functions and Procedures (LFP) and the relationship between theevaluation relations for LFP based upon each of them.(d) The notion of bisimilarity of two confifigurations in a labelled transition system.(e) The rules defifining the possible labelled transitions of parallel composition(P1|P2) and restriction (? c . P) in the Language of Communicating Processes(LCP).[5 marks each]7The following are some concepts that have flflourished in the context of functionalprogramming but which have (so far) been less heavily used in main-streamlanguages even when they have been available:(a) polymorphic types(b) type reconstruction(c) higher-order functions(d) lazy evaluation(e) continuationsFor each case give a brief explanation of the facility referred to, suggest acircumstance in which it might be useful and comment on how immediately relevantto non-functional languages it seems.[4 marks per part]8CST.2001.6.9Consider a bus company’s online reservation system. The bus firm consists of multiple buses that operate excursions to various places. Each bus is identified by its license plate number as well as a unique bus number. The journeys follow a predetermined route and make stops at predetermined bus terminals. Each bus is only allowed to make one journey each day. A driver and a hostess are on board each bus. The bus will stop at service and rest sites on long journeys. Normal travels and expedited trips are the two types of trips available. Express trains skip intermediate stations and arrive at their destination faster.Customers can make reservations for seats on the bus company’s website. The customer has the option of contacting the company directly. Image transcription textPlease design a study to identify a camera-based warning system that can reduce driver distraction (once thecamera identifies drivers are doing other activities such as using a cell phone while driving, it will issue a loudaudible warning). As driver distraction is very common in teen drivers, it is important to evaluate w… Show more… Show more  Engineering & Technology Computer Science COM 512

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