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Influence and Persuasion There are two videos involved here, .All…  Influence and Persuasion              There are two videos involved here, .All answers must be completely in your own words, Task:Video 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXhLmkrN0-I Explain in your own words the difference between advertising, Public Relations, and propagands.Do you agree with Edward Bernays’ quote about how fearful we are as humans, and how we retreat to the safety of herd behavior and ideas? Why or why not?Using two levels of Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy, choose one ad and explain how it works on one of the needs levels and choose a second ad that works on another needs level you chose. Video 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmRcoJZRXEY Explain in your own words the meaning of the word “contextual” as it applies to traditional forms of advertising. Identify three forms typical of contextual forms of advertising.What in your own words are the advantages of click-through links and of cookies as ways of advertising online? Who gains what exactly?Data Tracking: Explain “addressable ads.” What information about you can be gained from your data trails?Ownership Issues & Risks: Why are those “Terms of Use” agreements we all agree to so potentially dangerous?                 Arts & Humanities English CUL 502

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Top answer: Influence and Persuasion There are two videos involved here, .All…
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