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A sweatshop is a facility where workers are hired to work ______…. A sweatshop is a facility where workers are hired to work ______.for unreasonable amounts of time for little pay in unsafe conditions but are denied democratic input into their working conditions by way of force and are subjected to treatment that violates their human dignity but are not given employment benefits Drawing on the experience of McKinsey & Company in South Africa, if your company is considering doing business with an organization in a country where there is widespread government corruption, what should you keep in mind before doing so?Consumers are irrational and will blame companies for things that are not their fault. It is only ethically permissible to do business in countries where high governmental ethical standards are maintained. Pleading ignorance, even if factually true, often does not save your company’s reputation from being damaged. International business should be avoided when possible because of the many potential complications. The GRI allows companies the opportunity to ______.partner with other companies to develop innovative green technology comply with governmental transparency regulations in a respectable fashion voluntarily disclose their social performance, helping to gain public respect donate money to worthy causes Businesses that spend time and resources on community involvement typically are at a competitive disadvantage compared to firms that spend that money more efficiently.True False In addition to providing products to people in poverty, bottom of the pyramid business ventures also ______.pay facilitating payments to governments to more effectively provide services to those in need train those in poverty and provide them with the resources to become business partners provide counseling and other mental health resources for those in poverty provide funding for cutting edge green technology research  Why is it in the best interests of a company to devote some resources to volunteerism?When employees are given the opportunity to volunteer, while they are volunteering they are likely to recruit other skilled employees to work at their company. Fulfilled employees tend to identify more with their company, and volunteerism gives them one opportunity to be fulfilled. Employees who are given the chance to volunteer for causes that they care about will generally work harder and be willing to tolerate lower wages. If a company does not donate some of its money to charity it likely will lose the respect of its employees and the surrounding community. The U.S. pharmaceutical industry’s experience in India teaches us that ______.American companies should primarily do business in North America adopting the standards of the host country is generally the best way to enter a new market an attempt to change cultural norms in a host country may be perceived as intolerant different cultural norms should be imposed on employees According to the FCPA, when can something be considered a facilitating payment rather than a bribe?when it is paid by a corporation to a government entity when it is paid from an executive’s personal finances when one corporation pays another to facilitate a deal when it encourages people or governments to do their job faster Fair wages do little to combat child labor.True False How can companies gain a tangible benefit from being a good corporate citizen?It essentially buys your business advertising, as conscientious people and organizations will promote your company on their own. Ethically engaged companies are ones that are good corporate citizens, and good corporate citizens are shown to be more profitable than poor corporate citizens. Often government organizations will give contracts and other valuable things to companies based on their corporate citizenship. If a company with previously good ratings for corporate citizenship has a scandal people will generally ignore it and their stock prices will not be damaged. Given what you know about strategic philanthropy, which of the following partnerships would you expect to result in a win-win relationship?An oil company partners with a nonprofit that works to maintain wildlife preserves and giving employees an opportunity to tour the preserves as a mindfulness sabbatical. A company that sells organic meat-based products partners with a group that opposes government corruption. A company that manufactures baby formula partners with a women’s shelter to provide formula for the babies there, and employees to volunteer at the shelter. A distilling company partners with a nonprofit organization that advocates against drunk driving.  A randomized national survey is generally how a company should assess their reputation.True False Which of the following is a consequence of international business?Climate change is accelerating at an unprecedented rate in human history. People are increasingly disconnected, whereas previously they lived in tight knit communities. Companies need to worry about the impacts of their practices on more communities, because they likely have suppliers and consumers in various countries, not just one. Democracy is increasingly threatened by new technologies that threaten individual human autonomy. In which of the following situations would ISCT most clearly hold that the macrosocial can overrule the microsocial?A multinational corporation encourages subordinates to challenge their superiors in order to encourage creativity and the best ideas, but they move into a country where deference to authority is highly valued. The corporation institutes training to eliminate this deference culture, arguing that there is a universal obligation to develop an ideational meritocracy. A company wants to have armed guards at their facilities, but the host country has laws against nongovernment actors carrying firearms. The company posts armed guards anyway, arguing that there is a universal right to bear arms. A multinational corporation stops doing business in a country where there are not free markets, arguing that the right to free market capitalism and the benefits the flow from it are a universal human right. A company threatens to close all of its factories in a country where minors are encouraged to work factory jobs unless no minors are allowed to work there, because the company argues that employing minors for factory work is a human rights violation. Bottom of the pyramid business ventures seek to provide for the neediest people in the world in a fashion that is profitable for the business providing for them.True False    Arts & Humanities Communications Marketing MARK 3330

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Top answer: A sweatshop is a facility where workers are hired to work ______….
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