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Please help me out with these questions using following case study:… Please help me out with these questions using following case study:  Part 1: Sales  Case Study Handy Helpers began offering home services to their clients in 2001.  Sisters, Darla and Lee-Anne started offering their services to residents in their father’s apartment building and through word of mouth, their business has expanded. Although Handy Helpers started as a service business to support seniors, they now provide service to anyone who needs it.  Services include house cleaning, running errands, lawn care, home day care, and pet walking. Clients are invoiced monthly and clients are expected to pay upon receipt of their invoice. Your team leader has written the following scenario to capture some of Handy Helper’s requirements.  Please remember that an ‘invoice’ is a ‘sale’ that hasn’t been paid for!+ Use Case NameCreate InvoiceTriggering EventEnd of the monthBrief DescriptionAllows the Business Owner to create invoiceActorsBusiness OwnerRelated Use Cases PreconditionsBusiness Owner has opened the Main Menu.Post ConditionsInvoice is saved to the database and now can be printed to deliver to the clientFlow of activitiesActorSystem  Requests to record an invoiceDisplays a list of clients.   Prompts for selection.   Selects a client.Displays a list of services that were performed for the client during the date range.  Calculates a unique invoice number for the invoice.   Calculates the invoice date as the system date. Displays the Invoice.  Selects a serviceDisplays the cost/hour for that service and prompts for number of hours  Enters number of hoursAdds the invoice detail.   Calculates the cost of the service as cost/hour  * number of hours.  Calculates the HST. Displays the Invoice detail.  Updates the Invoice total.  Displays the invoice total.  Repeats above 2 steps until all details are createdPrompts to print or email.  Chooses to printSaves the invoice and details.   Prints the invoice.Exception ConditionsBusiness Owner chooses to cancel adding the invoice.   Question 1 (worth 5 marks)Create class diagram that supports the scenario.Question 2 (worth 10 marks)Complete sequence diagrams to support the above scenario.Question 3 (worth 5 marks)The above scenario assumes that the cost/hour for a service is the same for each employee.  What would happen if the cost/hour changed for each employee providing the service? How would you change your model.  Please describe in English.Question 4 (worth 5 marks)Handy Helpers is thinking of offering a 10% discount to their clients who recommend their services.  How would you change your model to support this? Engineering & Technology Computer Science CS SYD366

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Top answer: Please help me out with these questions using following case study:…
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