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UNITED WAY WORLDWIDE Need Power Point This assignment focuses on the following Course Learning Outcome: From an analysis of external and internal conditions, determine a firm’s market position and business level and supporting strategies. Assignment Details Read the assigned chapters and United Way case. Begin by researching visions, mission and strategy formulation for nonprofit organizations to become familiar with unique differences in the nonprofit world. Create a Powerpoint presentation to address the following: Evaluate the current challenges facing United Way and describe the key issues in the general and nonprofit charitable giving industry environments that affect United Way’s operations? Analyze the unique responsibilities United Way has to its stakeholders, and how successful has the organization been with its overall strategy? Determine if United Way’s mission is still viable and defend your response. Must include video and audio- Peer review must include one cite source. Textbook concepts are required. Expectations Your analysis should be based on information in the case with at least 2 secondary sources used to support your analysis. Initial posting of presentation in Kaltura to include: 5-7 slides in a Powerpoint (include Video as well as audio) no longer than (5-7 minutes) due Day 4 Grammar free with in-text citations required APA references required Answer preview There are numerous problems that trouble society both within the United States of America and on the broader global scale. Among the numerous approaches that people have taken to solve various challenges, philanthropy is among the most popular interventions. Organizations like the United Way Worldwide (UWW) have sprouted to discharge charitable functions and to improve the welfare of disadvantaged persons in society. UWW was the largest charity organization and this…   (7 slides)

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