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Introduction: One topic that continues to draw a great deal of attention are whistleblowers.  Through unit 5 and the entire course we are learning the importance for the enterprise to have a strong reporting mechanism and whistleblower protection program.  Sherron Watkins, former Enron Vice President, was the primary whistleblower leading to the collapse of Enron. IT Academic Technologies published a presentation delivered by Sherron Watkins.  Please watch this presentation located at https://youtu.be/RSMnvCMS0W8   Directions: Write a response paper that summarizes the main points and analyzes/critiques the main points.  What were the strong points and the weak points of this film?  What was interesting, relevant, and connected to our readings in unit 5, what are the advantages and disadvantages to reviewing this presentation, and finally who should be an audience for this presentation?  Your paper is required to be written in APA format including a cover page and reference page.  Your paper main content must be at least two full typed written pages, not including the cover page and reference page.   Reference: Moeller, R. R. (2011). COSO enterprise risk management: Establishing effective governance, risk, and compliance processes. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.   Attachments area Preview YouTube video Sherron Watkins, former vice president, Enron Corporation Sherron Watkins, former vice president, Enron Corporation Answer preview Impact of Whistleblowing Organizations should encourage whistleblowing in the internal environment since this reduces fraudulent activities. Enron Corporation that served as an American energy company, collapsed due to fraudulent activities emerging from accounting irregularities presented in the financial statements. The former vice president of the firm, Sharon Watkins, alerted the CEO about the irregularities with little action being taken. A summary and critique of the main points in the speech, establishing an interesting element, as well as the benefits and cons of the presentation, will be useful in this discussion (714words)  

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