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Solved by verified expert :http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v435/n7041/full/435400a.html

read the above article and…

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Expert Answer ://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v435/n7041/full/435400a.html read the above article and. Plan and submit a 300-450 word (overall) reply to the below…
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Plan and submit a 300-450 word (overall) reply to the below questions:
1. Who is the intended audience for this site? What details, items or clues help identify the audience for you?
2. What level of audience does this site appear to be written for? What elements of the site confirm this audience level?
3. If the site allows comments from users, whom are the comments from? How substantial, insightful or valid do they seem?
4. What other sites link to this Web page or blog? Do these links seem to support or undermine the site’s validity?
5. Would a fictional blog be appropriate for a research paper? Why or why not? 1. Medical students are the most definite audience for the site; this is due to the fact that the article contains… View the full answer

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