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Solved by verified expert :Some suggested shows that center on the American family:
Up All Night
The King of Queens
Home Improvement
The Middle
Everybody Loves Raymond
Family Matters
All in the Family
Good Times
That 70?s Show
The Cosby Show
Gilmore Girls
Tyler Perry’s House of Payne
Modern Family
Choose one of the tivi show and watch online
Develop four well-developed paragraphs about the TV show you watched, keeping a clear focus on the portrayal of gender in the show.In the first paragraph, give a brief summary of the episodes you watched.
In the second and third paragraphs, discuss how gender roles play out in the episodes you watched. You may discuss the roles of one male and one female character, or the different roles of two female characters, or you may focus both paragraphs on one male or female character.
In the fourth paragraph, discuss how gender roles either conform to or challenge the gender stereotypes discussed in at least ONE of the readings.
Provide clear and specific examples from the episodes.
Provide quotes/paraphrases from the selected readings.
Remember to provide in-text citations in MLA format for both the TV shows you watched and the reading(s) you selected. Also remember to add a Works Cited at the end of your analysis.
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September 2, 2016 The American Family
Toward the start of the appear, Doug returns home from a meeting with the home loan
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Expert Answer :Some suggested shows that center on the American family:
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