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May 14, 20xx
Employees of 2D Design
Terry Jones, Production Manager
Challenge to Reduce Use of Overnight Mail
We all love overnight shipping. It makes our work more efficient and our lives easier. We love it
so much that we tend to overuse it. So as with many good things, we need to cut back.
Our bills for overnight shipping are at an all-time high, and the CFO has threatened drastic cuts
in the budget if these bills are not significantly reduced by the next quarter. I think we can meet
this challenge without having budget cuts imposed.
I know that subcontractors do not always meet their deadlines, which often makes it necessary
for us to ship overnight to our clients. Over the next few weeks, I will be meeting with all
subcontractors with whom we have had deadline problems, and in some cases we may need to
find new subcontractors. I also know that clients often set unreasonable deadlines. I will be
working with the legal department to set up new contract policies that require clients to pay for
overnight shipping when their deadlines are particularly tight.
I also know, however, that overnight shipping often is used for projects in which no
subcontractors are involved and in which deadlines are not unreasonable. This means that the
problem also is with our own scheduling; therefore, over the next few weeks I will be meeting
with all design teams to discuss whether there are particular problem areas or if we simply need
to set more realistic deadlines.
Better internal and external scheduling coordination will have many benefits. We will have better
relationships with our subcontractors?and in some cases better subcontractors?as well as with
our clients. Perhaps most importantly, we will have fewer sessions of working around the clock
to meet a deadline. These sessions undermine everyone?s morale and often undercut the quality
of our work.
While I am meeting with the subcontractors and the design teams, you can do your part by
forming new shipping habits. Before using an overnight shipping service, check to make sure the
client really needs the material the next day.
If the client really does need it the next day, see if faxing is an option. In many cases, faxed
material can be used until the original arrives.
If the client doesn?t need the material the next day, use standard delivery instead.
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We don?t want to lose the freedom to use this valuable service when we really need it, so let?s
save it for those times. Our goal is to cut our overnight shipping bills in half by next quarter. If
we work as a team and share ideas about alternatives, I know we can meet this goal. To: The CEO
From: Name
Subject: Sustainability benefits
While most companies link sustainability with CSR and consider it an unnecessary burden it
may not necessarily be the truth. Sustainability… The solution is… View the full answer

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