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Solved by verified expert :need help to review the paper. So basically i have to review a paper of a peer. and give a comment on a peer review form.
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Running head: Problems with Trying Children as Adults
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Problems with Trying Children as Adults
From my research and thesis statement, some problems arise and need to be
addressed. This study addresses these issues and also goes ahead to propose solutions for the
problems. The previous papers highlight different research topics which are in the form of
questions that I discussed and answered. The topic I picked for research talks about trying
juveniles as adults and the research revealed many challenges and problems which are going
to be presented in this study. There are many issue and problems which affect the trying of
minors as an adult especially in cases where there is a possibility of life parole. Ideas that
contributed to the start of juvenile justice has over the years been attacked with those
attacking saying that the juveniles deserve punishments that are harsher. Over the years the
number of juveniles being tried as adults has increased. A study reveals that the number of
juveniles who are convicted of violent crimes 69% comprised of juveniles who were
incarcerated in adult prisons (Baron, 2010). An analysis of the actions of trying juveniles as
adults reveals the measures to be counterproductive and at the end of the day justice will not
have been served, and these actions just exacerbate the problems they try to solve.
One of the problems associated with trying of minors as adults is that the minors will
be at risk. Whenever young offenders are tried in an adult court there are high chances of
them being sent to an adult correction facility. This creates a lot of risks to these minors. The
teens interaction with hardcore criminals in the prisons can make them become even more
violent offenders. Living together with the adults will make the teens want to emulate them
since they will be looking at them as role models while in prison. These criminals especially
those jailed for many years have nothing to lose and any negative influence drives the teen
into becoming worse people. There is also a problem of the adults sexually molesting the
teens. This abuse affects the teens physically and even emotionally and the effect of such
abuse is very harmful to their health & self-esteem. Children incarcerated in adult prison are
five times more likely to be sexually molested than in juvenile facilities (“Children in
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Expert Answer :Running head: Problems with Trying Children as Adults 1 Problems with Trying Children as Adults From my research and thesis statement, some problems…
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