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How to Build a Sand Castle
Thomas Graham
Everest University Online
Professor Jones
Composition 1101-01
July 14, 2014
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Whether ?sandcastles? conjures up a fond childhood memory, or the hilarious antics of
How I Met Your Mother?s
?Robin Sparkles? music video for ?Sandcastles in the Sand,? building
a sandcastle is an iconic rite of beach-goer passage. After seeing some of the masterful sand
creations made by others on the beach, building a beautiful and sturdy sandcastle may seem
daunting; however, it is not as challenging as it looks. Requirements for construction are simple:
sand, water, and a few digging and carving tools.
The first step is very important: the sand must be wet. Packing down wet sand drains
more water more quickly. Compacted, well-packed sand is ideal for carving designs. Use a lot of
water. Dry sand lies down and spreads out into nooks and crannies. With the help of gravity,
there is no way to add too much water; however, remember to let the water drain. Experienced
sand sculptors do not use plastic buckets or other closed molds, but build shapes by stacking
handfuls of wet sand or by tamping it down. Compact wet sand to form structures. “Pounding
sand into submission” is a time-honored method of strengthening and tightening bridges which
hold grains together.
The best way to obtain an unlimited supply of water is to dig a self-replenishing water
hole. Dig and keep digging until you hit water. Don’t worry about width ? aim for depth. The
hole grows wider as wet sand is pulled from its depths. When water starts puddling at the bottom
of the hole, stop digging. The fail-safe recipe for castle concrete: one part sand to one part water.
Pour the water in the big bucket, and then shovel in the dry sand for easier blending. Mix
thoroughly and the mix is ready to scoop. Pile the excavated sand from the water hole into a
mound about one foot from the edge of the hole. Pack sand into a round, level two- to three-foot
diameter base. This is for the foundation for the castle, which gives added height and provides
water drainage.
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