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Solved by verified expert :Question- Find an example of evidence used in the (below) paragraph and consider it in light of the reading on Using Evidence. What characteristics of weak or strong evidence, or of effective or ineffective quotation do you observe?
First, millennials have been completing school without an actual understanding of the baseline skills they were supposed to have learned, and the cause is primitive. Basic human nature is to evaluate and prioritize what an individual finds important; this occurs consciously and subconsciously. Endless examples of this range from self-preservation, to waiting to use the bathroom as to not miss a part of a show. Because of this, students have learned that there is little precedence on committing all the things taught in school to memory. As shown in studies lead by the U.S. Department of Education, only 25% of graduating Seniors were considered to be “at or above proficient” (“NAEP Report Cards – Home,” 2015) in surveyed STEM fields. This is significant because even with the substandard acquisition of basic skills by 75% of seniors, they are still graduating and expected to contribute positively to society. As means of being able to access endless information from the phone found in nearly every pocket grow, there is less and less incentive to learn academics. As of 2013, 78% percent of teens had a cell phone (Madden & Pew Internet & American Life Project, 2013, p. 2), and that number has only grown since. Many people are learning that there is not much incentive to committing time – the most precious commodity in the universe – to learning skills which technology can afford them. The examples of how society relies on technology everyday are far too vast to be covered, though a moment’s reflection will reveal how much it has become part of life. To note one example most are familiar with is the one of witnessing a millennial cashier make a mistake on a cash register and be forced to calculate some level of math (usually subtraction) to figure out change. Subtraction is the most basic of academic skills, which is taught as young as Kindergarten. Why is this happening? It is because the reliance on technology has not only become common place; it has become a substitute for learning. The best way to approach your question… View the full answer

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Expert Answer :Question- Find an example of evidence used in the (below) paragraph and consider it in light of the reading on Using Evidence.
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