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Solved by verified expert :I need help on creating ?The Allegory of the Cave? Socratic Dialogue Assignment for my English class and I need to be at least 900 words
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?The Allegory of the Cave? Socratic Dialogue Assignment
In this file, you will find the assignment package for Plato?s ?The
Allegory of the Cave.?
This package
contains three things that you must carefully read:
An orientation to the allegory?it?s long but reading it will save
you so much confusion. Read it.
You will also find a translation of Plato?s allegory itself in this
The assignment for your Socratic Dialogue paper.
Due Date: Monday, 05/09
I know that some of you may have read this piece when reading Plato?s
. However, I am going to take a different approach to teaching
this piece–less political and more philosophical. Therefore, the
orientation package focuses upon a philosophical reading of the text.
I know that this can be a difficult piece of reading?especially if you are
encountering it for the first time. I remember reading it for the first
time as an undergraduate, and I was perplexed. Therefore, I would
strongly recommend this reading process for this discourse:
Read the orientation package first, then,
Read the allegory, then, read the orientation package again, and if
you are still confused read the allegory one more time. That
system generally works.
Even though this is a difficult piece, I have never taught a text that my
students have loved as much. Consistently when I ask students which
text did they find the most interesting and important they say ?The
Allegory.? It is one of the most wonderful and important pieces ever
written. It?s worth the effort. Just follow the reading process I outlined
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Following the orientation and the allegory itself you will find the writing
assignment. Keep scrolling.
Orientation to Plato?s View of Human Experience
(There are illustrations included, just let your cursor linger for a couple of
seconds over places in the document with a big chunk of white space.)
Plato?s Realm of Knowledge/Truth
Plato?s writings come to us via his students? notes from the
lectures he conducted some 3,000 years ago.
Socrates was Plato?s teacher and
Plato was Aristotle?s teacher.
Plato liked to teach by using ?dialogues??those
are discussions between a student who is curious about an idea but does not
know much and a teacher who has knowledge to share.
Socrates always plays
the role of the teacher in Plato?s dialogues.
?The Allegory of the Cave? is
constructed as a dialogue between Socrates the teacher and Glaucon his
The question to be considered in the dialogue is ?how do we discover
what is true??
You can follow the alternating speakers? voices by noting the
paragraph indentations.
Read slowly and read the allegory twice.
Keep in mind some of Plato?s key points as you read:
All of us are born into the
(the world of belief);
Truth does exist, but it can only be found in the world of
Reason and imagination are what help us to deconstruct the images on
the cave wall and discover truth;
The mark of a life well lived (an ethical life) is a consistent effort to fight for
the light of the truth in the dangerous world of the cave.
So let me provide some orientation to the more esoteric concepts.
Plato divides what we experience as reality into two
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The Allegory of the Islands
Socrates and Alekto are discussing fear and how it influences choices and actions done by human
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