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Solved by verified expert :Edith Wharton: Roman Fever
What did Mrs. Ansley mean when she said, “I had Barbara?” What was Roman fever, really?
Ernest Hemingway: Hills Like White Elephants
What are the girl and the man discussing? Do you think that their relationship will be like the man says it will?
James Joyce: Araby
Why do you think that the narrator at the end does not buy anything for Mangan?s sister? Why does Joyce not give her a name?
Roman Fever
Do you find Mrs Ansley or Mrs Slade to be the better person? Why do you think so?
Hills Like White Elephants
Which of the two characters do you find the most sympathetic, and why? Why are there references to white elephants?
What do you think about the behaviour of the boy who is the centre of the story?
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ENG199W: Hills like White Elephants Questions
1. The main topic of discussion between the man and the girl is never named. What is
the ?awfully simple operation?? Why is it not named? What different attitudes are
taken toward it by the man and the girl? Why?
The main topic of the discussion between the man and the girl is abortion. It is not named
because they both do not want to talk about the matter. At first, the man suggests the girl
drinks in order to avoid talking about it. He doesn?t want to keep the baby as he
suggests to her to have the operation. Meanwhile, the girl at first seems to agree with
which is shown by the way she talks about the hills looking like white elephants. The
represent the unborn child in the mother?s stomach. She connects the baby with white
elephants as white elephants are generally unwanted. However, she changes her mind at
end and seems to want to keep the baby:? They?re lovely hills. They don?t look like white
elephants at all.?
2. What is indicated about the past life of the man and the girl? How? What has
happened to the quality of their relationship? Why? How do we know? How accurate
is the man?s judgment about their future?
The man and the girl?s relationship have been drifted apart. This is represented by the
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both the speaker does not truly communicate with each other. They both don?t try to
understand each other?s point of views and ignore each other?s questions and comments.
The man doesn?t understand why the girl won?t get rid of the baby. On the contrary, the
expresses her feelings of wanting to keep the baby. As well, the man?s judgment of the
future is inaccurate. He tells the girl that everything will be fine, but it is obvious that
things will never be back to the way it once was.
3. Through the story consists mostly of dialogue, and though it contains strong
emotional conflict, it is entirely without adverbs indicating the tone of the remarks.
How does Hemingway indicate tone? At what points are the characters insincere?
Self-deceived? Ironic or sarcastic? To what extent do they give open expression to
their feelings? Does either want an open conflict? Why or why not?
Trace the various phases of emotion in the girl. Hemingway indicates the tone by the use
of dialogue. Readers are able to understand the tone through the characters? emotions,
sayings and thoughts. The characters are insincere when
they failed to understand each other?s feelings. They don?t want open conflicts by the
way they are avoiding to even mention the name of the topic because of their different
views. Also, the girl goes through various phases of emotions. She, at first, agrees on
having an abortion, as
she indirectly refers the baby to a white elephant. Later on, she expresses her feelings of
actually wanting to keep the baby.
4. How sincere is the man in his insistence that he would not have the girl undergoes
the operation if she does not want to and that he is ?perfectly willing to go through
it? (what is ?it??) if it means anything to the girl? How many times does he repeat
these ideas? What significance has the man?s drinking an Anis by himself before
rejoining the girl at the end of the story?
The man says sincere words to the girl yet he doesn?t fully understand what she?s? going
through, thus not having actual sincere thoughts in his words. He repeats his words
constantly throughout the story but none of them actually gets through to the girl. The
man?s drinking
signifies that he doesn?t truly understand the situation and his views totally contradict the
girl?s views. He runs away from the problem.
5. Much of the conversation seems to be about trivial things (ordering drinks, the
weather, and so on) What purposes does this conversation serve? What relevance
has the girl?s remark about the absinthe?
The purpose of the conversation is that even talking about trivial matters; the couples
have a hard time communicating with one another. The girl remarks that ?everything
Show entire document 1. ?I had Barbara? is the short ironic reply from Grace to Alida?s jealousy. Alida?s old
feelings are rekindled once she realizes that she has once again failed at humiliating
Grace and… Please see the attached… View the full answer

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